2011 Italian bridal dresses fashion trends…

Posted on January 23rd, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

Happy Monday everyone,

I feel like starting the week with some insights on fashion! Colour will be the main actor of year 2011 bridal dress season according to the last Milano Bridal Fashion Show during which new 2011 collections were presented!

Designers will combine traditional white with colourful elements: blue, pink, black and pearl grey will be on the top!

Designers won’t forget details including Swarovski pearls elements, always of great visual, precious and elegant effect! Swarovski means light and designers know it!

It seems that tulle will be on top of the fabric that will be used by designers

Although you might not be attracted by colour, we leave you with a few 2011 collections gorgeous bridal dress models from both traditional and young Italian designers; it’s worth giving them a glance and…

…checking their websites as well…

> Fabio Gritti
> Dalin Vinni – a fantastic designer based in South Italy
> Bianca Sposa
> Grigio Monterosso – where tradition and innovation meet in an aggressive way
> Domo Adami

And you, is your wedding dress already chosen for this year?

2 responses to “2011 Italian bridal dresses fashion trends…”

  1. Loulabelle says:

    Wow the black and white together is really striking! I love that first dress too xx

  2. stefania says:

    I agree! Plus that’s something really different!

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