A spicy chocolate fondant on my husband pillow…

Posted on February 13th, 2012 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi lovely brides-to-be,

Happy Valentine’s day from Italy!

We’ve had some snow over the week end, and since we spent the week-end at home because I was not very well myself nor my Troussepinette, then I dedicated some time to cook something special and em>hot for Mr G for our Valentine’s day ( he’s not very well today either…)

Something hot, yummy and spicy! Well, you know, food that mix perfectly hot chocolate and spices is the perfect combination for a passionable moment!

Here I am with the result of my spicy chocolate fondant Mr G. has found on his pillow today!

Got inspired when finding in my Troussepinette‘s bag last week at the nursery Gaelle’s beautiful valentine’s day cards representing lovely pillows linked together in a fancy “Love you…..”

What you need for 2 fondants:
> 80g butter
> 100g dark chocolate
> 50g sugar
> a few pieces of spicy dark chocolate ( i used the lindt peperoncino chocolate)
> 2 eggs
> 25g plain flour

And you, how did you treat your love today?!

Photographer: Sylvie, Wedding Planner.
Valentine’s Cards Designer: GB Illustrations  & Graphics.

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