Best time of the year to get married in Italy

Posted on March 11th, 2016 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hello future brides and grooms!

If you are considering to get married in Italy but you have still some doubts when is the best time of the year, you are in the right place!

Italy is a great country for a destination wedding and offers infinite type of styles, venues and atmosphere. Today we will talk about different wedding locations all around the country and the best season to plan your wedding there.

For an Italy lover like me, I would say every day is the best time to have a wedding in this country but of course there are some aspects to have in mind. The most common questions are: which month is the perfect one? Will it be too warm? Will there be a lot of tourists? In this post I will try to answer all these questions. To begin with I will tell you some ground facts about getting married in Italy:

  • The wedding season usually runs from late April till the end of October and most of the wedding take place in this period.
  • The warmest month of the year is August and usually people would discourage you to get married in this month (avoid the week of the 15th August, it’s Ferragosto, the most popular national holiday in Italy and it’s more likely that everything is fully booked and the roads really crowded).
  • If you are willing to get married out of the wedding season, you might save some money because in general vendors could offer you some discounts.

So here is our timetable divided by season, in which you will find the best wedding location to have your Italian wedding.

Elopement in Venice Ph by Nastja Kovacec Photography


If you are a winter lover your ideal wedding is surrounded by some stunning mountains covered in pure white snow. Italy offers some spectacular mountain ranges, like the Dolomites, UNESCO Heritage in the North of Italy. Find out our top wedding venues in the Dolomites and get some inspiration…

wedding in the Dolomites Ph by No Limit Picture

winter bouquet Ph by Serena Genovese


With the spring begins the wedding season in Italy, so if you are planning to get married in this period I suggest you to start looking minimum six month before. In this season I would recomend the big cities of arts and love.

Venice is one of the most romantic cities of the world and it is a perfect choice for those who are looking for romance and elegance. Here you can have either a civil or symbolic ceremony in some stunning Palazzos decorated with the unique Venetian style and in some exclusive wedding venues all around the city.
A Gondola ride is a romantic activity to do with your bride/groom, or you could take a water taxi and do a tour of the remote venetian islands, such as Murano, Burano and Torcello! In any case both are a perfect way to visit Venice in a different point of view and I’m sure you would really like it.

wedding in Venice Photo by Aljosa Videtic

wedding in gondola Ph by Weddingcity

Birthplace of the Renaissance the city of Florence will overwhelmed you with its beauty. Not to mention the beautiful countryside of Tuscany close to hand. Here you can have your ceremony in an amazing city where art is all around, a dreaming backdrop for your day!!
For the reception and the party a nice idea is to move to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, such as Siena or Monteriggioni, where the view will simply amaze you and your guests.


venue in tuscany Tenuta di Papena

Every street lead to Rome, maybe the most famous Italian city in the world. You won’t find the same atmosphere anywhere else. It is a place full of story and romance. Here you can have your Vespa drive and have your romantic journey like Audrey Hepburn did in her Roman Holiday!!

Rome Pinterest


When I think of an Italian wedding in summer my heart goes to a countryside location. This season is perfect for an al fresco wedding ceremony and reception set in some amazing venues.

My favourite location are the Venetian villa in the Veneto countryside. You can have a stunning bucolic background in an elegant and historical venue. The perfect place for the wow effect you are looking for!

Searching for some info to get married in this region? Check out this list of amazing options for your Wedding in Veneto

wedding in veneto countryside Ph by Nastja Kovacec Photography

If you are thinking of your guests and what they can do through the days before and after the wedding I would advise the region Friuli Venezia Giulia with a strategic position near both the mountains and the sea.

wedding-in-torcello_0024 Ph by Mauro Pozzer


Autumn is a fascinating season. Summer is almost finish, colours are changing and the sun has a different light. A great option for you is to get married in some location surrounded by vineyards or olive groves. September is the month of the grape harvest and this could be a nice leitmotiv for  your wedding.

Autumn is the perfect season to get married in the South of Italy. It is still warm but not too much, there are less tourist and there are more option for you to book easily your wedding venue. The options are so many and each amazing. I really love the Puglia region, it has uniques landscape and a vintage and rustic atmosphere. Not to mention the trulli buildings, like the one in the picture, and the masserie, amazing wedding location.

Puglia Ph by Andrea Antohi

Want to know more about this region? Go and get inspired at the page Weddings in Apulia

Still not sure about the best time of the year to get married in Italy? Leave a comment and we will try to help you!

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