Black & white Grace Kelly inspired bridal gowns

Posted on July 9th, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

I’ve just seen these gorgeous bridal gowns by Atelier Aimee and I thought I’d love to wear a black dress on my big day!
These Italian wedding dress are inspired by pricess Grace Kelly and her elegance which makes her the symbol of elegance in the ’60s.
In almost every dress there is a delicate game of black and white –  in the corset laces. in the tail and waist rose decorations and in the embroidered laces and tulle.

Stylist and soul of Atelier Aimée is Lucia Zanotti – 30 years of work and passion in the fashion industry. 
Where do you get the inspiration from? It could be a painting, a movie or a dream, they are like vision. Everything starts from the fabric – when I see and touch it I start imagining how the dress could be. Today, for example, I’ve been thinking of Michelangelo and the Capella Sistina with their triumph of colours and shades.

When does a bridal gown reach perfection? I think when it’s well proportioned. It has to fit the person who has been made for. It has to underline the woman’s beauty: her tiny waistline and her curves.  We create bespoke dresses – each bride tries the dress and then she can ask for any kind of alteration so that it becomes a unique piece. 
How has the bridal fashion changed in the last 25 years? I would say there are some evergreen elements like the tiny waist, the veil. The sleaves has changed quite a lot and volumes as well. The bride hasn’t changed: she is in love and she wants to astonish, she wants to be at her best. Above all, she is a dreamer and she still dreams the dress she wanted when she was a child. That’s why the bridal fashion is still very subjective and personal. I think a woman who has always dreamt about a precise dress, she will choose that dress even if she gets married ten years later…that’s what happened to me!

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  1. winnibriggs says:

    Hi Stephania
    Lovely to meet you. What a stunning blog and those dresses above,wow! I do love dressmaking but my talents fall far short of anything like this!
    I would love to do something for your blog, it is very kind of you to ask. I will put something together. Perhaps you could send me your email, mine is on my blog profile and then if you want to use it and any of my photographs you are most welcome.

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