Creative Favours

The “Confettata”

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

The sweetest and the most delicious detail of the Italian wedding is certainly the “Confettata”, a tasting of confetti (little sweets) of a varierty of flavors offered by the couple to their guests; it is presented on a table set with the colours and the materials in perfect harmony with the style of the event.

confetti { Casa Trend }

By tradition, these sweets were given inside the wedding favor, a little gift that the bride and  groom presented to their guests as a reminder of the special day they had participated.

Nowadays that the wedding favors are less popular than in the past, and considering the fact that sometimes the confetti are forgotten inside the favours, it’s getting more common to offer confetti in nice vases or in other supports from which the guests can taste the different flavors.

The ways to provide this Confettata are usually two:

  • a tasting on site, that’s the “mise en place” of various confetti available to the guests
  • a tasting and a souvenir; in this case the confettata is set as described above but the possibility to take home some confetti inside a little bag is also offered to each guest. That little bag contains a little note with the name of the couple who has just married (remember: first the name of the bride) and with the date of marriage, and it also contains an odd number of confetti; the number of confetti is odd because an odd number is indivisible as two persons united by marriage are indivisible as well. Usually these given sweets are five because they are equal to the number of features necessary to make a marriage work (health, happiness, fertility, wealth and longevity).


A curiosity for you…

For the less conservative of you but for those who have always wanted to impress your guests, I announce you that there is the opportunity to create for your unforgettable Day some really irresistible customized m&m’s whose color can be chosen by you among the wide range of colors available by the supplier (very interesting color combinations are proposed within the website, starting from the chosen color for your wedding!)

In the M&M’s website you can also find several small bags for weddings and the recommendations for the purchase quantity based on the number of your guests…

m&m personalised favours

Tell me the truth…wouldn’t you want to start your wedding exactly from the Confettata time?!

Under the Christmas tree…

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Hi girls,

Have just made it! A couple of weeks right before Christmas! I was thinking the other week I would never complete my DIY Christmas gifts on time! Thank you Maya for sleeping so well last saturday afternoon!

Here I am with my almost-ready-to-bake chocolate muffins glass jars!

A cure idea I have to admit I got inspired by after surfing on the internet a while ago! I am so proud of them that I will certainly propose this idea as favours to one of our 2012 bride-to-be in Venice! Shhh… more to come then!

regali di natale fai da te
diy christmas gifts
christmas jars

Here you are with what you need for the jar:
> Hermetic glass jar
> Lace ( great for a Venice theme wedding! This would recall the Burano island lace tradition!)
> Packthread
> Beverage Glass Napkin vintage style
> Your creativity!

I put in there all ingredients needed to bake chocolate muffins ( with the exception of milk, butter, and eggs, for obvious reasons…), but be creative, and fill these jars with whatever comes on your mind!!!


Photographer: Sylvie Wedding Planner in Venice

Anne-Marie’s handmade lovely shopping bags

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Hi there!

Everyone should have an aunt Anne-Marie! Yes, that’s true! My aunt Anne-Marie is simply fantastic and she always comes out with excellent DIY Christmas ideas! Well Christmas is over for a while now 😉 but Anne-Marie came to us last month while I was in France with Maya with her fab heart-shaped shopping bags! Ideal for wedding favours!

Believe it or not, my brother who does not usually fancy girl stuff wanted his bag as well!!!

I promised my aunt I would publish something about it in this blog! Here we are! Shall she think about selling them on etsy? Ah ah… Well, fact is that I couldn’t resist from creating a rustic photography set for her!

Apart from lovely pictures, my aunt has been attending a embroidery evening course for a while, and she’s passionate by what is called Broderie Suisse or in the US Chicken scratch or Depression Lace or evenSnowflaking

And you, do you have your aunt Anne-Marie as well?

Handmade with heartfelt!

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Good morning ladies,

Today I’ve got something really sweet for you.
I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks and I hope you like the topic: ethical favours!

Everything started when I got an e-mail from my friend Angela – you have to know I asked all my Italian married friends to write something on their wedding for this blog (poor them!) – and she sent me this lovely letter about their ethical favours:

Pierluigi and I made the decision not to spend money into common favours, but to donate the equivalent amount of money to a charity mission; this donation was having a special meaning as a relative of us spent his entire life as a missionary, so this was also a creative and inspirational way to honor him during our day. Then we bought some handmade bags from the Italian Fare Trade, keeping always in mind the concept of money spent on an ethical and useful way; inside the bag, our guests found a small message explaining the reason of our choice and the destination of our donation.

This is not all. A few days ago I came across Juliet’s blog Heartfelt Project – Together with her friend Martha they’ve started a business in Makapanstad (South Africa), producing hand-sewn heartfelts, which are simply adorable!!!


Masquerade wedding in Venice

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Today it’s Monday and we need something strong to start the week with energy!
So I thought to spoil you with a real fairytale wedding with three days of celebrations and…three different dresses for the bride!!! OMG!!!
She is American while he is Italian and they chose the romantic city of Venice as their wedding destination. They wanted something elegant so they asked for the help of the well-know Italian wedding planners Enzo Miccio and Angelo Garini.

Thursday evening: welcome cocktail party!
The event was held at well known Caffè Florian. For her a champagne coloured wedding dress by Giorgio Armani Privé.

Wedding dress in Venice

Friday: wedding and reception
New dress for the bride…WOW…and then a very simple marriage celebration at the Venice town hall. In the evening an elegant dinner at the Hotel Monaco & Grancanal.

White wedding dress with strass in Venice

white wedding shoes in Venice
Saturday evening: Masquerade dinner and ball
Apart from the new gorgeous dress of the newly bride, the entire location was arranged with a perfect attention to all details.

Silk avory wedding dress with strass in Venice
Wedding hairdresser in Venice
Masquerade dinner table in Venice
Wedding table decoration with feather and initials in the napkins
All the guests had to wear antique costumes for the regal ball, the tables were decorated using antique silver cuttlery and the “dj” played classic music from the 18th century. A real revival!
If all this was not enough to make the week end unforgettable for everyone, the couple wanted to give their guests a little symbolic present, a Venetian mask favour.

Venetian mask favours

If you are planning a wedding in this wonderful city, have a look at our weddings in Venice!
We can also provide Venetian wedding masks like the ones you see here with a minimum order of 20 pieces.

A chocolate jewel is not for ever…

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Some weeks ago I wrote you about Peratoner’s chocolate, made by the Pordenone best known chocolate atelier. Today I feel like writing about other bespoke chocolate products they make to satisfy their customers requests…chocolate jewellery!

Yes indeed! A corner of the shop is entirely dedicated to jewels, and your eyes could not believe it. They look as glossy and real as true jewels! My husband might have better gone for a chocolate praline ring when choosing my engagement ring two years ago…They are so beautiful, nicely wrapped in their small red or black box, as elegant as real jewels… (more…)

Delicious chocolate favours by Peratoner

Monday, April 26th, 2010

In every town there is a caffè which has become an institution over the years – “the caffè”. This is the case of Peratoner, in Pordenone, North East of Italy. A small and elegant Italian caffè where you can still smell – a part from the delicious smell of chocolate and pastries – the scent of the past years when bistros were fournished in a vintage style with leather seats and small round marble tables and, for the most elegant ones like Peratoner, with an internal chocolate fountain. Every time I pass by this little shop I can’t resist and if I’m not having one of their lovely high-calories cakes at least I need to stop and have a look at their windows…a sort of work of art where they display every sort of chocolate creation.
I thought these elegant bordeaux colour boxes could be perfect as favours at a wedding. You can fill them with the pieces of chocolate you wish! I chose for you the following assortment: (more…)

Bring colour on your table with Macarons

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Every year weddings seasons see new interesting colours coming on show. It might be pink, turquoise, black or chocolate. Brides may want as well to combine colours among them into their wedding invitations or onto their wedding cakes as well!

I suggest that you add colour on your table in a nice and visual impact way with Macarons. This is a typical French meringue-based pastry: it is made with a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar and it is well-known its smooth, domed top and ruffled circumference.

When I was in Bordeaux (France)I discovered this exclusive shop M Le Macaron, which can customize Macaron colours for you! I love this idea! This would certainly give a personal touch to your wedding day! (more…)

Have the cake and eat it all!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Have you ever heard about mini wedding cakes? I haven’t! This is why I would like to tell you something about them and Donatella, the Italian artist who patiently makes them.
I found her blog a few days ago and I completely felt in love with it! It is a collection of lovely creations which are real works of art and devotion!

I was particularly impressed by Donatella’s tiny wedding cakes which are 4 up to 5cm high, depending on the number of tiers, made of sugar (included the tiny roses you can see on the picture!) and then fully edible.

I was thinking you can use them for your wedding day in many ways: they give a nice touch of elegance and colour on tables together with place cards ; they are also a perfect treat for your guests at the end of the meal; or they can even replace the traditional favours (a good idea, as suggested by Donatella, is to put them into a transparent box with a nice satin ribbon). Anyway your guests  would be nicely surprised and they could also say: “I had the cake and I ate it all!”

Have a look at Donatella’s tiny wedding cakes – her blog is in Italian but you don’t need explanations to be inspired by her pictures!

A bit of Italian lavender perfume for your guests

Friday, March 26th, 2010

If lavender is the colour you have chosen for your day, you could treat your guests with something special!
There is a unique place in Friuli, in Northeast Italy, where the lavender tradition is still alive, and where you can find some quality lavender products, which are well known for their therapeutic features.

A small company, Lavanda Di Venzone is delighting more and more customers with its products: from the more traditional candles and skin care products to creative food like berry and lavander juices and lavender flavoured spirits.  All gift ideas which may be an excellent way for your guests to remember your wedding. (more…)