A Spanish-Italian vintage wedding in Madrid

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Hello ladies!

We always look for lovely, fizzy and fresh bride wedding stories to tell, but when these stories belong to friends, we’re even happier to share them with you!

Let’s move away from our beautiful Veneto region, and let’s fly to Segovia, near Madrid, where Tomaso and Sofia tied the knot last month and organized a sooo vintage style wedding we simply LOVE! I know Tomaso as he was Mr G. university mate, some more than 10 years ago… Marco, the photographer is still a friend, as well as Mr G’s university mate!

Just for your eyes, here we are with some freshly cut flowers, soft lights, intimacy and a real vintage wedding atmosphere!

Love the great old style photobooth set prepared with care by Sofia! She prepared herself the setting and the bans made of patchwork material! Seems they had real fun!

sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
bride bouquet freshly cut flowers
waiting groom
civil ceremony vintage atmosphere
civil ceremony
ring exchange
vintage photobooth
vintage photobooth

Hasta Lluego!

Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Palazzo De Hoyuelos, Segova, Spain
Photographer: Marco Bau
Bridesmaid dresses: Soho Mode

DIY kids birthday decorations…

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Hi lovelies!

Last saturday, My Troussepinette and all the family were invited to Miss L first birthday party! I just did not want to struggle with gifts or anything girls would not use, here I came with the proposal I made to Maman Gaelle to create for Miss L. her 1st year birthday diy party decorations!

I have to admit, I did not have so much time to work on it… but I like the effect made by the paper mills, and tiny decoration in Miss L. garden! Then Maman Gaelle also added some really cool colourful lanterns I could not prevent from sharing with you!

What do you think?

Here you are with the project, and some more details…

So, interested? Have a go!

Enjoy the week!

Natural paper DIY wedding invitations

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Hi girls,

I realize that I haven’t written in here for quite a long time! Between a visit at a Venice catering and a baby spring party at the nursery, here I am with some stationary ideas I made for one of our July bride-to-be in Venice!

Her only condition: Natural paper!

Manuela wants for her wedding invitations, menu and tags only natural paper! Here I am with my first trials made of mulberry paper ivory color, rice paper lavender colour, and lokta printed paper from Renkalik distributor… I chosed for my tests some lokta blue printed paper that represents some elegant floral design!

The most challenging part: having the rice paper going through my home ink-jet old printer without being completely mashed by the machine….Argh….Made it!

What do you think about the result? Keep tuned as final stationary version will be online soon…

A polka red christening candy bar – Part III

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Happy Tuesday girls,

Bank holidays are never long enough, especially when it means spending time eating with the family on Easter, meeting with friends coming in Pordenone from time to time, and taking the opportunity for the last customer calls a few days before their big day!!!

After a couple of posts on my polka red origami windmills christening invitations inspired by WOP Photography and my DYI white and red tags, here I am with part III of My Troussepinette‘s christening! Again inspired from the fabulous yellow and grey sweet and cakes buffet from wop girl Stephanie from WOP photograpy!

Here you are with the result: a red and white candy bar I wanted to fill with mostly French specialties: Madeleines, Macarons, Calissons, Financiers, Petits Choux à la crème, Berlingots Nantais,…

Believe me, a few minutes after I made my pics, there was simply NOTHING left on the table…

Un grand merci to Stephanie who inspired me…

DIY polka red tags…

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Hi girls,

Thanks God it’s Friday! Relax finally after a week I spent mostly in Venice to meet with lovey brides and grooms to be!
Here I am with part II of my Troussepinette polka dot red theme christening! Remember I used a both funny and elegant scrapbooking paper from Karen Marie Klip Design to realize my paper origami windmills?

Since there was a lot of paper left after I used it for my windmills baptism invitations, and red polka dots baptism party decoration you’ll see pretty soon, well I used it as well to make the tags I would have used on the sweet and candy bar I was preparing…

Madeleines, Macarons, Maya, Merci,… So many “M” in here! Here you are with my baptism polka dots tags…. What do you reckon?

Vintage tins for diy centrepiece ideas

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Hi girls,
The week end is almost over and I have to say that it was a creative one for me!
I’m trying to come up with some nice ideas for a wedding theme in the colours of turquoise and pink…not an easy one! So I decided to use a wonderful tea tin I found in a Christmas hamper last year, which is dedicated to the Queen’s Jubilee and has got a lot of turquoise…
So I went to a florist shop with my little tin and I asked her for some suggestions on which flowers I should use and here we go…some lovely pink and white carnations…I love it! It would be perfect as a centrepiece on small tables with some other turquoise and pink touches (in the napckins as well as in the glasses)…What do you think?


DIY lamp

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Hi girls,
I hope you are doing well!
It has been a very busy time at work in the last couple of weeks…so to keep my mind free this week end I decided to have a break and spend my time doing some DIY!
Music, an old lamp and a bit of creativity have been the ingredients for this afternoon bricolage section at home.
I got an old lamp from my mum’s which, I can’t believe, was the bedside table lamp she bought when she got married around 35 years ago…
I gave it a dust and then I thought I wanted to make it more modern and contemporary – a little scrubb to take off all the yellow and gold painting and then I used a white paint for the stem.
Then I went to Ikea where I bought a black and white floral patterned shade…

This is before the restyling!

diy lamp
After a DIY afternoon listening Gotye, my new idol!!

Since the lamps are two I will try something different (and hopefully better!) for the next one! Keep tuned!

DIY Christmas at home

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Hello lovely ladies!

I’ve just come back from Italy where I spent some amazing Christmas holiday! I’m a bit sad but happy to go back to my little house too!
On Christmas day I organised a big fat Italian dinner at mine (there were 13 of us!) and had fun with my sister and MrB to arrange the decorations for our table – my mum wanted to remain the queen of the kitchen, so no way she let us cook something!

We went for a traditional red themed table, using a long red runner on a white table cloth, paper tissues in white and red colours, red glasses and white plates from my mum’s wedding!
The flowers part was the most difficult one. I got some inspiration from the Christmas design to order photos by Interflora and tried to personalised them with something simpler…so we went for pine brunches (from my garden), two white roses, a few cinamon sticks and coloured ribbons using a jam jar. We used the same type of vase, but smaller, for the candles, which we decorated with some pine brunches again.

My sister was the creative behind the menus, the best thing! I managed to make two heart shaped holders out of some old wire…

Ribbons from The wedding of my dreams

Under the Christmas tree…

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Hi girls,

Have just made it! A couple of weeks right before Christmas! I was thinking the other week I would never complete my DIY Christmas gifts on time! Thank you Maya for sleeping so well last saturday afternoon!

Here I am with my almost-ready-to-bake chocolate muffins glass jars!

A cure idea I have to admit I got inspired by after surfing on the internet a while ago! I am so proud of them that I will certainly propose this idea as favours to one of our 2012 bride-to-be in Venice! Shhh… more to come then!

regali di natale fai da te
diy christmas gifts
christmas jars

Here you are with what you need for the jar:
> Hermetic glass jar
> Lace ( great for a Venice theme wedding! This would recall the Burano island lace tradition!)
> Packthread
> Beverage Glass Napkin vintage style
> Your creativity!

I put in there all ingredients needed to bake chocolate muffins ( with the exception of milk, butter, and eggs, for obvious reasons…), but be creative, and fill these jars with whatever comes on your mind!!!


Photographer: Sylvie Wedding Planner in Venice

Maya’s little lilac rabbits coffee break…

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Hi there!

While starting to prepare the glass lanterns with the lilac candles for our upcoming wedding in Tuscany in september ( remember?!), I suddenly thought that Maya is turning 8 months old today! And shame on me, since my return to work in June I haven’t been good at preparing any yummy yummy thing anylonger for her…mmm… for me and her dad actually…

I looked around the messy house for some lilac theme stuff I would use in my pics set, and then I saw Maya’s wooden rabbits staring at me with their nice smiles!!!

Pick me up! Pick me up!

And hop, hop, hop, here I am with a new idea: an after lunch Italian coffee break with my French touch lilac lanterns Bonne Maman and my French touch honey madeleines

My Honey Madeleines ( for 16 of them):
2 eggs
100grs flavour
100grs salty butter
100grs sugar
2 spoons of Italian quality sweet honey 😉
1 coffee spoon of cake powder yeast
1/2 lemon twist ( I love lemon!)
And here we are! Bon Appétit!

Pictures: Sylvie, Wedding Planner in Venice