A Christmas wonderland…

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Hello lovely girls!
Are you starting feeling the Christmas spirit?
I did not realised that there are only 23 days left before Christmas…and when I saw the white and red wedding colletion by Atelier Aimee I thought it was the right moment to post it here…so, if you are not into the Christmas mood yet, after this pictures you will be!

This is the Giardino Incantato (enchanted garden) collection which has been launched in 2012. The first dress is my favourite because of the vivid red as well as the shape of the skirt…

red wedding dress atelier aimee

I also like this one because it’s something completely different and ideal for a bride who wants to impress with something fresh and bright!

red wedding dress atelier aimee

This is very romantic – I particularly like the corset and the lovely red belt!

romantic white and red wedding dress


Black & white Grace Kelly inspired bridal gowns

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I’ve just seen these gorgeous bridal gowns by Atelier Aimee and I thought I’d love to wear a black dress on my big day!
These Italian wedding dress are inspired by pricess Grace Kelly and her elegance which makes her the symbol of elegance in the ’60s.
In almost every dress there is a delicate game of black and white –  in the corset laces. in the tail and waist rose decorations and in the embroidered laces and tulle.

Stylist and soul of Atelier Aimée is Lucia Zanotti – 30 years of work and passion in the fashion industry. 
Where do you get the inspiration from? It could be a painting, a movie or a dream, they are like vision. Everything starts from the fabric – when I see and touch it I start imagining how the dress could be. Today, for example, I’ve been thinking of Michelangelo and the Capella Sistina with their triumph of colours and shades.

When does a bridal gown reach perfection? I think when it’s well proportioned. It has to fit the person who has been made for. It has to underline the woman’s beauty: her tiny waistline and her curves.  We create bespoke dresses – each bride tries the dress and then she can ask for any kind of alteration so that it becomes a unique piece. 
How has the bridal fashion changed in the last 25 years? I would say there are some evergreen elements like the tiny waist, the veil. The sleaves has changed quite a lot and volumes as well. The bride hasn’t changed: she is in love and she wants to astonish, she wants to be at her best. Above all, she is a dreamer and she still dreams the dress she wanted when she was a child. That’s why the bridal fashion is still very subjective and personal. I think a woman who has always dreamt about a precise dress, she will choose that dress even if she gets married ten years later…that’s what happened to me!

A bronze bridal dress

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Hi girls!

Do you remember when I wrote about my bronze wedding dressby the way it was more then one year ago, I cant’ believe it! Well, it seems that bronze colour bridal dress are pretty appealing and that some of you are wishing to know more about them…

My dress was hand-made by a wedding dress designer, but I thought of doing a quick search and give you more inspirational ideas…

I already wrote about his wedding dresses a couple of times, but Luca Rondoni has a style I really like, so I will mention him again. I love this bronze wedding dress which is part of his new collection:

Bronze Wedding Dress

Another inspiring photo is the one from photographer Brittany Andersen

American websites are a great source of inspiration… and cheap…Take a look at the below right dress Kekopeanstitches website would sale for only $213! This is an amazing price really! I like the fitted top to hip crinkled-ruffled skirt with spaghetti straps and delicate silver accents!

Last but not least, take a look at the last dresses I’ve found out for you designed by Badgley Mischka! These are evening dresses which I thought could be a great alternative for an original coloured wedding gown! What’s your opinion? Would you feel uncomfortable with purchasing a bridesmaid dress and to wear it as your wedding dress???

The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Ciao ragazze!

I don’t know you but when Amélie’s French movie came out at the cinema, a few years ago, I completely felt in love with her main character! I have to admit that it might have been because of my French origins, but I still remember my Italian friends getting crazy about this charming tale of a young French girl who helps strangers find love and happiness!

So you can imagine my reaction when I saw this wedding dress by Luca Rondoni Atelier…the model and her style reminded me Amélie…didn’t she?

Dress: Luca Rondoni
Movie: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

An Italian purple themed wedding

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Hi loves,

I was walking down Pordenone main street this week and stopped by a flower shop window which was decorated with various violet and purple flowers: orchids, hyacinth, lilac…I loved it! So bright and elegant! And I have to say that dark purple or light pink coordinated with the leaves green colour is fab! I was thinking then to find out some inspiration for you today ladies!

This is how I came across with Chiara and Samir wedding pictures. They got married in Genova last year.

The whole wedding theme was purple colour, starting with Chiara’s accessories; a simple violet colour flower in her hair, her bright purple wedding pumps or her different purple roses great bouquet! …

The pictures shot by the photographer are so natural! Chiara’s smile is so relaxed and natural! I like so much as well the spontaneity of the street scenes with Chiara and Samir who did not hesitate to play with the surrounding architecture of Genova old town!

Chiara and Samir treated their guests as well with violet theme favours and confetti! I like the plastic boxes closed with green, violet and white ribbons! A touch of modernity and elegance!

Pictures courtesy of Vagabondando

What colour is your sky?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Today the temperature is reaching 30 degrees and I have difficulties concentrating on my day-to-day activities.
I can’t wait for my holiday to begin and in the meanwhile my mind is wandering among blue sky, blue sea, turquoise swimming pool, blue Burano island houses, Italian blue lakes…

So I thought…what if your wedding colour theme were blue? Maybe starting from a crazy, funny and glam pair of blue shoes?

blue wedding shoes Courtesy of Kyle Igarashi and Emily McAlpine

Plenty of choices to make your feet feel right and comfortable on your day! Summer is here and I feel like suggesting the above leather sling back sandals and ballet slippers.
The Swarovski decoration on the left shoes give light and a glam touch to what I would consider traditional sandals.
I just think that the bride on the right chose some simple slippers to emphasize her blue tatoo, which perfectly matches the shoe style: easy and casual…I love it!

Courtesy of Natasha Gregoire

The above turquoise colour slippers would match your swimming-pool style wedding and the colour of the water. Hopefully the bride thought of giving her guests as a souvenir a pair of soft and comfortable turquoise flip-flops for their summer days on the beach or on the swimming-pool… Nice idea, wouldn’t that be?

blue wedding shoes Courtesy of Caroline Tran and Wendy Herrick

Photographs do not hesitate to play with all accessories they would be put in front of their camera. In both cases above, their focus is on the shoes colour. While a white shoe would have been rather anonymous, the blue ones allow the photographers to capture nice and unforgettable shots for the bride and the groom!

Courtesy of  Midiman

I simply find the rockabilly style pumps above amazing. I just wonder what does the bride dress look like! An Olivia Newton-John with classic large, short and puffy white gowns would fit perfectly! Crystals pearls details would certainly capture the light on the dance floor while bride, groom and guests party!

Pinky shoes, that’s amore!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Sometime I take a pause and smile remembering childhood times when we little girls were surrounded by pink! Pink was everywhere! A pinky world made of pinky Barbie dolls, pinky princesses, pinky houses, pinky trousers and also pinky shoes. A colour we probably loved and hated at the same time.

Today I really feel like posting some pinky stuff…because I think this colour can become one of the main element of your wedding day in an elegant and unusual way!
Pinky shoes?!
Italy is famous worldwide for its shoe production and ateliers will more and more offer brides to have their own bespoke wedding shoes that would match the theme of the wedding!
So here we go with some random ideas! I hope they will make you rock!

wedding pinky shoes Courtesy of Gritz Photography

Bridal specialized literature would recommend that a bride does not fall in love and purchase her wedding shoes before she actually chooses her dress! But honestly, I’m a shoe-aholic and when I come across the market offer in term of fabrics, models and style, I hardly resist the temptation to buy them! What’s the problem then?! They will certainly match my dress!

Strappy sandals, sneakers, boots, pumps or flip-flops… A great choice of models that would perfectly fit with your wedding theme!

Courtesy of Woodstove

Courtesy of Jamie Becca

I love flat shoes and the above old rose colour slippers give the bride white dress such a romantic touch! I particularly love the small rose decorations on the slippers. The bride wearing them must have a rafinated and sensitive taste… At least this is the impression it gives me!

Courtesy of Lynn Deidre Photography

Summer is almost here! Yuhu! Sling back sandals are with no doubt a good option for your feet! Satin, silk or velvet: up to you choosing the fabric you are more in love with – without forgetting though how comfortable your feet must be throughout the day!

Pinky wedding shoes Pictures Courtesy of Ellys Photography , of Kari Renée , and of The Feds Photography 

Strightly come dancing with my Tango shoes

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

On my wedding day the most important thing to me was just feeling comfortable in my shoes! I am not used to high heels in my day to day life and one of my  biggest concerns was to wear some really uncomfy shoes during the whole day.
It was  by talking with a friend that I ended up in a shop where I could have my shoes customized with the right colour and comfort for my wedding day – Paoul, a dance shoes manufacturer who is used to very demanding customers!

The beauty of the shop is that everything can be tailored according to your taste: the material, the colour of the material itself, the height and the type of heel, the sole and even the narrowing or the widening of the sole. (more…)