When fashion meets the tradition of a Venetian villa

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Happy Sunday lovely girls!

This post has been kept pending on top of my head for quite a while but now here we go!

Last September, thanks to a couple of day trainings, I had the opportunity to stay in Ca’ Zane Martin, a wonderful tiny and intimate Venetian villa dated back to the 15th century, situated not far from the Brenta river!

This is when talking with the owner that I got to know that it took him some 10 years to refurbish the villa, to restore the frescoes and to take it back to the ancient glory! Wonderful results!

While I was there I also discovered some pictures of a wonderful shooting which took place in there.
These are the photos I managed to find… a wonderful model in an atmosphere that recalls some dark and gothic times…simply elegant and fab! I hope you like them!

Venice Villa Elegant Photo Shooting
Venetian Villa Elegance Stylish
Venice Villa Elegand Gothic Photo Shooting
Venice Villa Black Dress Bride

Photographer: Maurizio Melozzi
Stylist:Manuela Mezzetti
Make Up Artist: Nicoletta Conteduca
Location: Ca Zane Martin

A gothic glam pre-weddding session in Venice

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Hi there!

Have been looking for some Halloween inspiration today, but was not really convinced of publishing anything having to do with pumpkins, Tim Burton’s corpse brides style or skeleton grooms…

Was looking for something both gothic and glam, and I came across with wonderful sexy pix taken by Jose Begega in Venice! A fantastic shot idea any creative bride-to-be-in-Venice may think about as a gift for their future husband and themselves really!

Well, I know, there’s no pumpkin in here, nor autumn brown or orange colour inspiration! But pearl corset mixed in a glam and sexy way with dark old evergreen gothic Venice…

Photographer: Jose Begega

A Decadent Idea…

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Who said you can’t put a hat on for an Italian wedding? Well, I would love to see a destination bride with a nice hat on…
Having said that, I would like to introduce you an Italian hat stylist – her name is Cunene and I symply love her gothic and decadent style…
I interviewed her a while ago so, after these amazing photos which were taken in an old palazzo in Milan, you will read what she told me about her work…

decadent hats for a wedding

gothic hats for a wedding
decadent hats for a wedding
How did you start designing your creations?
I started a while ago creating jewels and after that I  tried with hats too. At the beginning it was just for fun, because I was looking for a kind of style which was available only abroad and which was quite expencive.
What is the main feature of your products?
I hope they are unique and original, even though it’s quite difficult beeing original nowadays, with internet and all the inspirations it can give you.
What gives you inspiration?
I love looking at illustrations, photos and movies. In general I’m particularly found of  the end of 19th century fashion design, but I also like the ’20s, ’40s and ’50s ones.

How do you choose the fabrics and the other decorations?
It depends on the colours as well as on the patterns, I love brocades!

Is there any new trend?
I would say there is a particular interest for the Victorian style, as well as for the pin up fashion. Mini cocktail hats are getting popular too.
Have you ever sold a hat to a bride to be?
Yes, it has been a while ago and she is probably getting married this spring. She is an Italian bride who lives in England. She wanted a bespoke hat to match her dress – a white wedding dress with red hearts…really original!. So she went for a heart shaped red hat with white decorations.

A Burlesque Inspiration for your Wedding Dresses

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Hello girls,

I’ve been a bit naughty this week since I’ve not been posting anything, not even time for my daily dose of posts and comments from blogs I really like! Too much work going on!!!

Anyway, I’d like to post a sneak peek on a topic which is expiring me more and more: burlesque wedding dresses! I’ve already showed some nice pictures of a burlesque bridal gown a while ago.  But today I want to show you something really cool…have a look!

Burlesque wedding dress

Blak white corset burlesque wedding
These gorgeous corsets are made by Caffeine Moda, a small atelier in Italy. I talked to Simona, who works there, and she explained me they started a few years ago producing hand-made bridal gowns and now they have just launched this new collection inspired to burlesque divas like Roxy Rose (in the pictures) and Dita Von Teese.

What about the red and black polka dot corset below? Love it!

Red burlesque wedding dress
Black burlesque wedding dress
For something completely different I would go for a bright green with beads and feathers…

Green burlesque corset feathers

I wanted to posted more on the topic but didn’t have much time…sorry! Keep tuned because I’ve interviewed a burlesque hat maker and I just need to put all bits together…
Good night and have a lovely week end!

Inspiration for a chic Halloween bride…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Morning everyone!

Remember last week’s article published by Stefania on corsets?! Well, Halloween week-end is in front of us, and I feel like delighting our gothic and dark brides with some wonderful pictures that combine chic and fetish dark style, gothic style corsets, Halloween pumpkins inspiration and location beauty!

I came across with Alessandro Mari‘s wonderful pictures taken in central Italy region and I simply fell in love with them…

Who said that Halloween is scary?! A location that seems to be the scene of an old Gothic movie, a fantastic model, a great dress stylist and here we are with the perfect chic Halloween bride!

I love the bride sexy poses, her glamorous look and the dress obviously!!! The dark red corset that perfectly matches the black Goth style gowns is simply perfect… Simple accessories such as a black pearls necklace and lace gloves contribute to emphasize her gothic style as well!

Photographer: Alessandro Mari
Stylist: Luca Rondoni
Location: Bosco Della Ragnaia, San Giovanni D’Asso, Siena