A vintage and decadent bridal shoot in Macerata

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Hi ladies!
Today I feel nostalgic, so I decided to share with you a beautiful wedding shoot which took place in the beautiful Macerata in the Marche region.
The stunning location Società Filarmonico Drammatica is an old palace of the late 19th Century, once a cultural society for aristocracy and bourgeoisie. These magical pictures of Vanessa Illi make you go back in time as you were invited to a ballet prima in the 30s!
Federica of Honey and Cinnamon Italian Wedding Planner did a great job, all the details are very thoughtful and a perfect match to a vintage-decadent style embellish with a elegant touch of a retro shade of gold.
I absolutely love the look of the model Isabella… from the vintage hairstyle to the simple but powerful makeup. For the jewellery the choice of pearls is perfect. I adore the ring and the pearls in the table centrepieces.
What about the bouquet? Simply beautiful… The shape and the selection of flowers and colours represent perfectly the vintage-decadent style of this shooting.

Bridal shooting in Macerata - Italy

Bridal shooting in Macerata - Italy

Bridal shooting in Macerata - Italy



Let the love shine…

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Hello Darlings!
A few weeks ago I completely felt in love with a couple who eloped to get married in Venice. When I saw the pictures by Weddingcity, in particular of their beautiful rings, I tought imediately about writing an inspirational post about it.
So today, for those who are waiting for a proposal or for who is just dreaming about it, I will share a selection of some stunning engagement rings I found around the web.
Searching for some beautiful items to give you some inspiration I got carry away and felt in love to some amazing vintage and art deco rings. I love coloured gemstones as opals, zepphire and emeralds. They are so dreaming and different from the classic diamond. Let’s be honest…I wouldn’t be disappointed if I got a diamond solitaire!!
So here’s the selection of some vintage-unconventional-art deco rings…I must say now I fell like a baby because I want one so bad!



A vintage treasure

Let’s start with a classic but always elegant and magnificent diamond solitaire. I selected a vintage Tiffany & Co. from 1940-50s. A cut transitional round diamond weighing 1.17 carats set in the simple six prong mounting that Tiffany introduced in the 19th century. Dreaming, isin’t it?
Check out all the beautiful antique jewelry in the online store of Erie Basin…I spent hours on their blog!!

Vintage Tiffany & Co. ring


A magic opal

An amazing oval-shaped opal for a captivating art deco ring from the 1930s by Brilliant Earth. I was captured right away by this gemstone, so bright and full of colours!
Oval-shaped opal ring

The circle of love

I particularly love round shape rings with a simple and thin mounting. On the left we have a ruby and diamond ring with a wedding band, on the right a Etsy handmade 14k gold ring combined with nineteen tiny raw diamonds.

Engagement rings

Shapes and colours

Here’s some colourful non-traditional engagement ring I selected for you… I love all the different colours: the green of the emerald, the pink of the sapphire and the red of the ruby.
The last piece I felt in love with is an absolutely treausure art noveau ring from th 1900s with ruby and a spectacular mouting in the shapes of leaves.

Engagement rings


Engagement rings

What about you?  How’s the ring of your dreams?

Credits: Wedding rings and wedding couple in VeniceVintage Tiffany & Co., Oval-shaped opal ringRuby and diamond ring, Gold Raw Diamond Ring, Emerald ring, Deco Aquamarine RingPink sapphire ring, Ruby Stone Ring,  Art Nouveau Ring.


A vintage-retro style for the modern Groom

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Hello everyone!
We all love checking on different wedding styles for us, ladies…the dresses, shoes, hair & makeup and so on..
But what about our better half? I thought maybe they would be interested in wedding fashion too…
So this inspirational post is for all of you, future-husbands who are searching for a different style, a bit retro-vintage that will surprise all your guests, and your future wife!
Here some different choice of accessories for your wedding outfit: some original looks with different colours and texture, some choices of bow ties and some ties that will spice up a formal suit.

Paul Newman in Venice

Be different!

If you’re tired of the old school style here’s some original choice for you! You don’t need to overwhelmed your outfit by adding a lot of details. You just need to create you own personal look that fits in your personality. I love the broach in the second picture, a really different idea from the usual tie.




The bow tie

Here some choices of bow tie. The first one with a floral fabric is just stunning and really elegant!
What about the bow tie made of wood? Beautiful..


Ruffled - photo by -

Ruffled - photo by -

A different kind of tie..

If you don’t want to renounce the tie, choose a fun one… A floral or a polka dot one are different but very chic.
To have a more retro style you can use a unique way to tie it up!



Credits: Paul Newman in Venice, Groom with suspenders, Vintage suit with broach, mismatched outfit, mix of texture suit, floral bow tie, polka dot bow tie, purple polka dot bow tiewooden bow tie, polka dot tie, floral tie, different tie knot, floral tie.

A vintage dress boutique in the Roman gardens

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

As you know I’ve got a little passion (very little!) for everything that is vintage…so when I saw this photo shooting by Eleonara Sebastiani, a photographer based in Rome who I simply adore, I was nearly in tears and I did not know which dress to choose from.

pink vintage dresses

bouquet di crisantemi rosa

They all come from Esterita’s shop VintaChic, a little shop in Rome which sells and rents vintage dresses…Esterita has a fashinating story. She started collecting vintage dresses when she was very little – from her mum and aunts – and then when she was older she started travelling and buying dresses in Europe and US. After working for many years as a costumer designer in US, Esterita moved back to Italy where she opened the Vintage Chic. Now she has a collection of hundreds of dress from different eras and type…I’d love to go to visit her shop…I know I could spend days in there trying all sorts of dresses!!!
I love this cocktail dress from the ’50s – pink chiffon with satin inserts and belt.
This is another jewel from the ’50s! and probably my prefered one. I love the colour and the skirt made of a lot of lace and tulle frills.






A wonderful “The Artist” inspired vintage shooting

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Good morning brides

How are you this morning?!

Today let’s travel to Belgium and meet with Caroline, the talented stylist of Sautoir & Poudrier, who lives in a world of retro, chic and vintage wedding accessories!
I’ve been following her works for quite a while now, and I love the personalised wedding accessorizes she realizes for her future brides! I always wondered whether they would fit on my curly hair though…

I recently felt in love with a series of photos she’s been working on to present her creations! Curious about your comments about this special “Artist” inspired shooting!!!


Caroline was also so kind to tell us more about her job!

How long have you been creating retro and vintage accessories ?
Sautoir et Poudrier was born in July 2010. I was always passionate by the world of whatever is vintage, retrò and glam – which were by the way my wedding themes back in 2009! At that time, I was a little bit tired of my job at that time, and made the decision pursue a new adventure, and to create my own online shop of vintage accessories and jewels!

What about your inspirations?
There are so many of them…. I would say that I’m a great fan of old vintage movies and musicals. I could stay for hours in front of such movies… Yes I would say that cinema is definitely one source of inspiration…

My customers are also of great inspiration too! Some of my creations can see the light simply by looking at my brides-to-be dresses!

How do you create your bespoke accessories ?
I’m lucky enough to have my own home-atelier ! Each of my creation is 100% home and hand made. I spend a rather high amount of time and energy to choose the best fabrics and materials! I love seeing all this messed around on my working desk!


Do you meet your brides-to-be to give them some piece of advice in their choice ?
Being in Belgium, I do not always have the possibility to meet with my brides-to-be. Most of my work is done thru emails and pictures ! This does not prevent from creating the right climate between them and me ! I always try to provide my customers with accurate answers! I might have one day my own shop and have the possibility then to host my customers in my little « boudoir »

How much in advance do we need to place an order ?
This really much depends on the season! But I would say that 3-4 months in advance is perfect so I can work to create the accessorize of your dream! I’m based in Belgium, but I can ship my creations all across the world !

Vintage Hair and Jewels Accessories – Caroline, Sautoir et Poudrier
Photographer – Violaine Meunier
Stationary – Lyllcréation
Hair Stylism : Cindy Chapelle
Model : Cyrielle van Landeghem
Dresses : Lambert Création from the bridal dress boutique Ann Piron
Venue : Maison d’hôte “Rêver d’Art” in Verviers, Belgium

A glamorous bride at the Royal theatre in Parma

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Hello girls!

Would you like a bit of glamour today?
I found these fabulous photos by Stefan Giftthaler in Vogue Sposa  and I thought to post a few of then in our blog…I think they are simply fab!!!
They were taken in the Royal Theatre in Parma, city famous for being the home town of composer Giuseppe Verdi.

So this photoshooting is a sort of celebration of the old music tradition of this city which is not often included in the most popular tourist destination, but which can be the perfect spot for music lovers!

And now…the fabulous bride…I’ve added details of dresses and accessories below each picture…enjoy!

bride royal theatre in parma

The dress is by Eddy K., a bridal dress manufacturer based in Milan which I’ve just discovered!

bride in the back stage of the royal theatre in Parma

A very elegant mermaid shape dress enriched by lace and beads by Manuel Mota for Pronovias.

bride at the royal theatre in parma

This is my preferred one, because it has a vintage touch which reminds me the ’30s – ’40s…The dress is by Jenny Packham.

bride in the back stage of the royal theatre in Parma

The first dress is by Ian Stuart Bride and is made in satin and tulle. I love everything of the second dress by Tosca Spose – the simplicity of the satin wide skirt, the big beads applications as well as the lace top!

bride in the back stage of the royal theatre in Parma
What about this hairdo??? Simply fabulous! I also love the choker by Marion Godart!


Touches from the 20s’…

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Busy busy busy…

Hunting for some 20s’ memorabilia for the next wedding in Venice…this is what I’ve been up to recently…
This bride has just told us she will have a 20s’ inspired  wedding dress, so we thought to give the whole wedding a bit of the same touch with some little details…what do you think?

20s themed wedding decoration ideas

vintage black fan hair clips
china tea cup with rose

vintage type writer

Still waiting to win an old Penguin camera on Ebay, fingers crossed!
Some nice pics after the wedding!

Egle + Peter: a Grace Kelly theme wedding in Asolo

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Hi girls,
This is really a quick one…the wedding season has started and there is no time for blogging…soooory!!!

However, today I’d like to show you this wonderful bride and her amazing retro’ look which remind me of old movies with Grace Kelly! I love her hairdo as well as her dress! Plus this wedding took place last autumn in Asolo, a lovely little jewel in our Veneto region! A fantastic place for an intimate wedding far from the most turistic destinations…

bride in asolo
bride in asolo preparation
bride in asolo preparation
grace kelly hairdo style
grace kelly hairdo style
grace kelly hairdo style
grace kelly hairdo style
grace kelly hairdo style
wedding in asolo
retro wedding in asolo
religious wedding in asolo
religious wedding ceremony in asolo religious wedding ceremony in asolo
september wedding in asolo
september wedding in asolo
september wedding in asolo
vintage wedding in asolo
vintage wedding in asolo
vintage wedding in asolo
vintage wedding in asolo
wedding table decorations
wedding creative placeholders

Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Asolo, Italy
Dress and Shoe designers: Juozas Statkevicius COUTURE
Photographer: White Fashion photographer Eigirdas Scin

Please visit My Italian Wedding Planner Asolo page if you are planning to get married in this area

Vintage clothes and accessories close to Venice

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Good morning lovely brides,

Hope you’re having a lovely saturday morning! We’ve been keeping ourselves quite busy for a few weeks with our upcoming April weddings! Menu stationary preparation, last admin paperworks checks, photographers to coordinate,…

I found though a couple of weeks ago the time to go to a fantastic fair in Vicenza dedicated to DYI, and came across Une Nouvelle Vie atelier. Vintage clothes and accessories lovers, that’s simply YOUR place!

The atelier philosophy and main job is to give a “new life” ( thus their name!) to old clothing and accessories that may be locked in one of your grand ma’ old vintage suit case, you would not know what to do with!

Result is simply brilliant! And with a complete revamped old skirt or birdcage, you will look like an actress directly coming from old 50’s!

Keep tuned as I and Stefania will pay a visit to their shop in the coming weeks! And we’ll get back to you with some vintage ispirations!

Retrò style: from Marlene Dietrich to Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Morning ladies,

You already know I’m a big fan of vintage dresses, so you can imagine my reaction when I received an email from Abigail containing the photos of her new collection of retro wedding dresses! And that’s because I start dreaming of cinema and unforgettable female stars like Marlene Dietrich and Audry Hepburn…

I selected 4 of them, which you will see below with an interesting and detail explanation from Abigail, but you can see the whole collection in the gallery next page…

30s wedding dresses
Alençon lace from the late 1930s (left handside)
This fabulous dress is quite unusual for the period in having a plunging backless detail, but this sexiness is balanced by the demure puff sleeves with soft shoulder pads. The sweetheart neckline gives little indication of the drama of the dress at the back. The Alençon lace is a soft almost putty colour rather than a yellowy ivory, with a floral motif and classic Alençon cording. The dress hugs the high hip before floating off to finish at a flattering calf length. The sash is in matching lace and is styled with a side drape.

Flat lace with jacket mid 1930s (right handside)
An elegant example of mid 30s lace work. The slinky shape of the dress with key hole back is complemented by the matching jacket. The carnation-petal detail around the neck of the jacket adds a touch of softness to the silhouette and an extra touch of glamour. Although the overall affect is one of sexiness this is achieved without overexposure and is somehow still quite demure.

And then the 50s…I love these mid lenght skirts and the laces tops!

50s wedding dresses
Tiered lace with bow detail 1950s (left handside)
This dress is destined to sit on the back a Vespa on the way to Chelsea register office, well if there’s any justice in the world. Sassy but still very pretty the lace is given fullness by the tiered skirt. The lace itself is of exceptional quality which levens the frivolity of styling. Bracelet length sleeves and a shelf bust are complemented by a classic mid to late 50s slash neck. Accessorised with its original veil.

High neck organza 1950s (right handside)
The heart shaped taffeta bodice only adds to the dramatic effect produced by the pleated taffeta low back. The silk organza of the front blends into the taffeta of the backskirt and is bought together by a sumptuous taffeta rose that sits at the back waist. The neat shoulder line and sleeve keeps the whole contained and balanced. Givenchy influenced styling in the simplicity and lack of fuss in the cut popular with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.