Melania & Giuseppe: sweet engagement in Gaeta

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Hello lovely ladies!

It’s Valentine’s day today so I thought to post something really romantic – Melania and Giuseppe Napoleone’s engagement photo shooting in Gaeta.
A beach engagement in the colours of pink, purple and white…surrouned by the quite Thyrrenian sea.

Thanks to Eleonora Sebastiani for sharing these fab pictures!

engagement photo shooting gaeta

engagement photo shooting gaeta

kiss on the Italian beach of gaeta

engagement photo shooting in italy

engagement photo shooting in italy

engagement photo shooting gaeta

melania & giuseppe in gaeta
engagement table with wine

If the question you have in mind is the same I had when I saw these photos the answer is YES
This is a real couple who wanted to have an engagement photo shooting just before their wedding (after being together for 5 years). They are Italian (from Gaeta) but they now live in London.

Change of dresses…

engagement in gaeta beach

vintage photo shooting in gaeta

engagement in gaeta

engagement in gaeta

melania & giuseppe engagment in gaeta

photo shooting in geata

engagement shooting in gaeta

A fizzy save the date session in Burano

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Hi girls,

Here I am today with something fresh, juicy and sooooo colourful!

It was right after I came back from my last journey in Venice, that I came across this colourful save the date session in Burano, shot with so much care and love by Michela!

Michela and Giuseppe, last year bride and groom to be, were about to get married in their home Sicily, but before that they assigned to Michela Zucchini their save-the-date session shoot in Venice!

Burano is the perfect place in the summer time!

This session is soooo vintage and I love the perfect contrast between Michela’s dress and the colour offered by Burano as an overall atmosphere! Let you eyes enjoy this lovely colourful moment!

save the date burano yellow house
before save date session venice

burano square yellow house
red heart rain burano
two hearts burano final
kiss burano vintage save the date
save the date burano frame
love burano wedding
engagement session burano pink house
save the date venice calle
love burano vintage wedding

Photographer: Michela Zucchini

A symbolic wedding ceremony poetry: Erri De Luca

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Hi girls,

Last week has been full of things to do! Wedding venues visits in Venice with a lovely British couple, a menu taste with creative French bride and groom to be, meeting with actors we will tell you shortly about… My week-end was too short so I could recover…

I like the idea today to share with you a poem of well-known Italian poetry writer Erri De Luca, Considero Valore, I See Value, that I find fresh, sunny, and perfectly adapted with a summer symbolic Italian wedding ceremony that would take place in the Venice countryside in some old vintage, British style villa…

In every form of life I see value,

the snow, a strawberry, a fly,

I see value in the mineral kingdom,

the assembly of the stars,

I see value in wine as long as the meal lasts,

an inadvertant smile,

the weariness of he who has not been spared,

two old people who love each other,

I see value in what will not be worth anything tomorrow and today is still worth little,

I see value in all of the wounds

I see value in saving water,

repairing a pair of shoes,

to silence in time,

to rush to a scream,

to ask before sitting,

to be thankful without recalling for what,

I see value in the wanderer’s voyage,

the nun’s convent,

the prisoner’s patience, whoever’s the fault may be,

I see value in using the verb to love,

and the hypothesis that a creator exists.

Photographer: Danilo Maraschi

Giada & Davide: Engagement in Friuli

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Hi girls,

Do you know what day is tomorrow? Of course you do, it’s the 29th of February! What you might not know is that on a leap year girls are “allowed” to propose marriage to their lovers! What a great tradition!

So for today I thought to give you some inspiration with a really cool engagement photo shoot which took place in Friuli, the regione where I leave…take notes, it might be the next thing you’ll arrange after your proposal tomorrow…;-)

Sweet, isn’t it? This is Giada and Davide’s dog (one of the two) who took part in the shooting…adorable!

italian-countryside engagement-photoshooting
vintage photo shooting in friuli

Giada didn’t proposed marriage to Davide (it wasn’t a leap year!), but the way he asked her to get married was quite unusual and deserves a mention!
Giada told us that “Davide organised a tresure hunt which ended with a special day in a fab chateaux. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t on our short term plans!”

Hey girls, keep tuned, we will post some nice pics from Giada and Davide’s wedding soon!

Photos: Aljosa Videtic

Italian coffe and red buttons on your Valentine’s day…

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Hi girls,

Happy Saturday sleepy morning!

Have spent this week two lovely moments chatting with Gaelle about our lovely daughters, our personal life and professional projects, in front of a good cup of Italian caffè macchiato!

Valentine’s day is getting closer, and she designed some fab Valentines cards I’m happy to share with you girls!

Gaelle said she got inspiration on the Italian coffee hearted card while sitting in a bar having a good Illy coffee! Do you recognize the shape of the cups! Great inspiration!

Love the tiny owls and the Valentine’s twins card that is now sticked on my fridge! Each time my troussepinette stares at it, she simply says “waouwwww”

If you just think to order some special and unique valentine’s cards for your love, simply contact Gaelle! She would love to design something bespoke for you!

Valentine’s Cards Designer: GB Illustrations  & Graphics.

Where did you get your engagement ring?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Back to Italy for a whole week.

I already had:

– a few glasses of Franciacorta wine (don’t remember how many)
– a strawberry and cream cocktail at the Small pub (an old osteria turnet into a cocktail bar…lovely!)

Franciacorta white vine Italy

– a few scratches from my old little Susy (yes, I know…she looks so sweet but she is a little pest!)

Italian cat
– not sure how many hours of chats with my lovely girlfriends…main topic of last night was: how did you get your engagement ring? OMG, I heart the most romantic and ilarious stories…Silvia’s boyfriend recorded a video announcing  a week end in Monaco where he gave her the ring in front of a pint…Lara got it in the kitchen, Sylvie found it under her pillow (after a 10 year engagement!)…and me?! I was looking at the ceiling thinking what to say. Silence.

The plan aimed to focus on gentle subliminal messages failed a while ago, so now I’ve started working on a straightforward strategy – hey darling, why don’t we stop and look at that window so I will show you which ring I really like.
No positive results so far. Last January was my birthday and I thought it would have been the perfect event for an engagment ring…nothing…he arrived with a photography mag subscription!
How does your ring look like and how did you get it?

Valentine’s day at Bingo

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Hello girls!

I have to admit I’m not that fun of Valentine’s Day. Actually, I prefer to celebrate this day with something romantic but unusual…so no table for two with candels for me please…better a night out at bingo? Well…not my type of thing, but I found this bingo themed engagement shot simply marvellous!
I love the little details Cinzia took in this engagement photo shot (we love her photos!)…the bingo tables with the couple’s names and wedding date, the little Italian coffe cups and the black board…

Bingo lovers in Italy
Engagement photo shot in Italy
Bingo lovers
Cinzia & Francesco wedding in February
Engegement in Italy

engagement photo shoting in Italy
Francesco and Cinzia will get married next week end and I’m soo curious to see some pics of their wedding…keep tuned!

An Italian engagement section – Patrizia e Luigi

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Hi loves,

Summer is over, I can already feel some kind of nostalgia in the air… and winter is going to be sooo long before the sun is back again… But I’ve just come across Patrizia and Luigi’s engagement pictures in Sardinia which almost make me smell the sea and fell the sand in my hands…nice memories of the summer!

I’m so happy about this pics because we eventually managed to find an Italian engagement section after Melaina and Patrick’s engagement which we posted a few months ago! Engagement sections are not so popular in Italy or, I must say, they haven’t be so popular so far. So I hope we will have more like these ones…I found the pics lovely and quite different from the tradional American style we are used to.
So, simply enjoy and thank you Mauro!

The sand made heart designed between Patrizia and Luigi is sooo romantic… A simple, natural and lovely couple greatly captured by Mauro’s expert eye…

Pictures courtesy of Mauronster
Location: Is Arrutas, Cabras, Sardinia

Engagement in a playground – Melaina and Patrick

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

They are not very popular in Italy, but I think engagement photo shots are a really lovely idea!
That’s way I asked Melaina if I could post some pictures of her engagement with Patrick and I was so happy when she said “yes”!

These pictures were taken in Victoria (Canada) and I think they are great! I love the idea of the playground for a photo shot and I also like the different kind of colour tones the photographer played with.

{Gentle gray and blue}
engagement pictures
engagement pictures
{vintage colours}
engagement pictures
engagement pictures (more…)

I am a woman on a mission, whoa!

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Three years.
Yes, I’ve been with Mr B  for three years and I’ve got no ring yet, not even a tiny little silver ring!
I’m not that fond of rings to be honest, but I wouldn’t mind to receive one from Mr B.
I think it would be just fair, wouldn’t it?!

Unfortunately Mr B is one of those unconventional types who don’t believe in the importance of rings. So, if my strategy of showing a complete indifference upon this subject has failed, I have came up with a plan B.

Yesterday I helped Mr B packing for his new business travel – like an authentic devoted girlfriend – but I put some extra stuff in the luggage by mistake…what a naughty girl!!!

A few pics which I printed off the computer and hided among his well ironed shirts and CK knickers.
Guess what’s the subject?

engagement rings

engagement rings Courtesy of Alexandra Roberts

engagement and wedding rings in Italy
engagement and wedding rings in Italy Courtesy of Jessica Lorren

What do you think?
I would like to see his face when he opens his luggage looking for a pair of socks and he will find these little presents!

I hope he likes them because I spent  a quite long time choosing the right pics and rings…at least I want to give him the right inspiration and these pics taken in the Italian countryside are gorgeous!
I’d love Mr B sliping a ring on a Prosecco cork or hanging it on a vineyard plant.