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A decadent industrial shooting in Murano

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Hi ladies!
Last week we shared with you a mood board inspired by a decadent-industrial style…for the alternative brides out there! We love this theme so much that last winter we found an old building and we took some photos…yes, we kept it secret until now…autumn is here and it matching perfectly this time of the year…
Thanks to Monia Merlo for capturing these magic place and the amazing team who worked in that cold day!

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Nested in Murano, one of the most remote islands in Venice, there is an ancient and unique district of creative minds producing glass wonders.
You would never imagine that those fascinating old buildings, that we have admired many times in our traveling for one wedding or another, give shelter to such an amazing treasure of glasses of different shapes and colours.
We tried and succeed to be special guests in one of them and had the pleasure to set an unusual wedding shoot.
The shooting’s theme was based on the building features – a decadent look, warm dark colours such as rust, dark reds and brown with a touch of white and blush (to contrast the others). All within a minimal setting.
This was applied to the dresses choice too – a pale pink dress, with simple lines which contrasted the model’s red long hair; and an unconventional rust flower patterned skirt with a lace black top.
The choice of flowers was easy…we wanted something delicate, elegant and loose…so we decided to go for white ranunculus.

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Shooting in Murano - My Italian Wedding ph by Monia Merlo

Photographer: Monia Merlo
Concept: Sylvie and Stefania, My Italian Wedding Planner
Location: Nason Moretti
Dress: Atelier Anna Fuca’
Flowers: Sofia Barozzi, Il Profumo dei Fiori 
Hair and makeup artist: Marcela Bantea
Rentals: Noeliya
Jewellery: Meda Orafi

Adornia: every day is a party!

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Hi ladies!
The summer continue to be very warm here in Italy and this makes me happy and make me want to organize a big party! Searching for some original element to use I find out this absolutely cute Italian online shop of party supplies: Adornia.
In Adornia online store you can find all kinds of products to organize a fun and original party, either you are planning a birthday, a christening or a wedding. Stripes straws, floral cups, honeycomb balls …I absolutely love these products!!

Just for My Italian Wedding friends Adornia is willing to give you a special discount of 15% by entering the code “italianwedding15”!!





And if you have to make an unique present, in Adornia online store you can find also some cute items like this album travel, a fun way to collect memories from your holidays. It would also be an original idea for a wedding book!



What are you waiting for? Find out all the amazing products in Adornia’s online store and don’t miss the opportunity to have a 15% discount by entering the code “italianwedding15”!


Spring red & white wedding in Padua

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Hi ladies,

You can tell we have not disappeared! We have been simply surrounded by lovely couples lately! A lot of love, great fun…and work!

This is one the spring weddings we organised in Veneto, more precisely in Padua…red and white details everywhere for Stephanie and Aldric who were looking for a countryside wedding in Italy.


They contacted us because they wanted a full wedding package which also included the floral design. We came up with the idea of using red carnation and a little touch of roses for the bride’s bouquet which had a nice ruffled pom pom shape – this is a very unusual flower to use for wedding bouquets in Italy, but it perfectly matched the theme of the deco inspired by paper pom poms and lanterns.

We also arranged a little welcome table with simple white hydrangeas in water bottles covered with lace. We use the welcome table against an old decadent water coloured wall which became a sort of table plan with stationery and a few pom poms around…





This is our beautiful bride walking around the villa…a romantic place where you could easily get lost among wild roses, statues and peacocks…










Finally a few details of the ceremony area, where we used again simple little vases with sprigs of hydrangea…
For the tables we thought to work using the same two types of flowers (carnations and hydrange) and play with different shapes of containers such as candy bowls, cake trays and bell jars in different sizes…




Wedding Planner: My Italian Wedding Planner
Photographer: Marco Bau
Location: Dominio Bagnoli
Stationery: GB Illustrations

Light pink ranunculus and roses for spring centrepieces

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

I spent last Easter at home with my family, in Italy.
It was a wonderful day – full of laughts, chats and cuddles to my little nice and nephew.
I spent the whole morning settling the table (love it!) whose color theme was white and light pink. I did not managed to find peonies, but I got some beautiful ranunculus…



I used a mixed of new and old jugs…the ones with blue decorations belong to my mum who received them from her grandmother for her wedding. I also found a couple of little tin boxes by Pastiglie Leone which we bought last year for a vintage wedding. I thought they looked quite sweet with a couple of ranunculus and roses…

I think this could be a nice colour palette and flower choice for spring wedding in Italy…what do you think?



I added some sugar and chocolate eggs to create the Easter feeling on the table…

While I was in UK I also made two photo albums for my mum and mother-in-law with photos of our trips to New York and Scotland. I used a plain Paperchase album and I covered it with a vintage wrap which I bought in the same shop. I then used a satin blush ribbon and attached a little luggage tag by The Wedding of My Dreams…I was quite proud of the result!



Finally I decorated the room with some lights which we bought for a wedding last year from Le Case De Cusin Paul



Vintage Easter decorations with eggs, tapes and spring flowers…

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Hi girls,

Old vintage books, paper lace foils, a glass cloche with home-made macarons, eggs decorated with washi tape, white roses and supposed-to-be-blooming-soon hyacinths and porcelain rabitts Maya constantly play with (a really hard time for them indeed)…this is the result of what I’ve been up to last week…

easter decorations with spring flowers

Can you guess I can’t wait for the Easter week-end to come?! In order to get into the mood I spent last week end playing with decorations, accessories and flowers… this is the tiny Easter corner I set up at home!

table setting for easter
vintage easter decorations

Maya gave me a good hand decorating the eggs, eating the chocolate ones and moving the porcelain rabbits around the old wooden box so to make my photo shooting almost impossible! The rabbits had a really hard time and struggled to survive!!!


I forgot to say this was the first time I made macaranos on my own! I usually buy them, but I’m actually quite proud with the result!

peach flowers and roses
hyacinths for easter decorations
old books with pink polka dot ribbon

What do you think? Hope it inspires you!

PS. I did not steal the nest from a tree…I found it on the ground when I was in France a couple of weeks ago! While the eggs are from my sister’s quails

Vitage bronze colour stationery and wild flowers

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hellooo everyone!

How are you doing today?
I’ve been thinking what to show you for this month’s new feature “Our creations” and then I decided to use some photos that some of you probably have already seen in a few blogs now.

This is one of the most amazing weddings we have ever organised! A wonderful couple who was a please to work with and a great wedding party full of emotions and history.
We were so lucky to contribute in the design and decoration of the wedding theme.

The bride wanted a vintage theme (my eyes were sparkling when I knew that!) which also put together the element of the journey (which was both their journey from Australia to Italy, but also the journey of discovery of their past – their family roots are Italian).
We also wanted to incorporate the colours of the bride’s dress and shoes which were bronze and gold…and then we thought a touch of black would have given a nice contrasting effect…this is the result…

vintage bronze colour menu
vintage plate

We selected some nice vintage fonts for the menu, as well as some ’20s inspired frames to decorate the top and the bottom of it. To make it more personalised we also added an old little map of Italy (very old since the Trentino Alto Adige region was still part of the Austrian empire!!) and some handmade airplanes made by Engelise at Almost Amsterdam!

These are some pics of the flower arrangements for the tables together with the table numbers which were in line with the rest of the stationery.
Below the bride’s bouquet – a simple and elegant gypsophilia bouquet which nicely matched her vintage dress by Johanna Johnson


Fields of ideas…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Hello lovely girls!

Today I feel I need a bit of sweetness, beauty and colour! What about you?
If you are in the same mood I am at the moment, I’ve got something which I think you might like!


Confetti petals…from real flowers! Cream, lilac or pink delphinium grown in the UK and handpicked from a local farm. I think the idea is just amazing and when I found Shropshire Petals were doing that I could not help and I ordered a little pack!
It was last July and I was organising the wedding for a client who chose a vintate creamy theme, so I decided to go for the Icing sugar petals…


The colour was perfect and they arrived in a beautiful and elegant organza bag which I then carefully packed to bring it with me in Italy where the wedding was held.
I also made some bespoke cones to match the rest of the wedding theme – cream with some lace which recalled the other decorations…

confetti cones

This is a photo from Brianna & Christian’s wedding, right when their guests threw away the confetti (credits Mauro Pozzer).

throwing confetti

And now…ta ta ta ta…I keep the most amazing pictures last but not least! Shropshire Petals’ girls and fields with their petals…aren’t they beautiful?!

fields with petals

Marta & Davide – Wedding in Bergamo

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Hi lovely ladies,

It has been a while since I posted a real Italian wedding. So for today I’ve got something really sweeeet! Thanks to Giuli&Giordi for letting me share Marta & Davide’s wedding!
What I really like are the flower decorations in the church – so romantic! I love the rosemary coming through the peonies in the ceremony table as well as the little lanterns hanging from the benches…

I also adore the colourful candy bar (as you know I would organise candy bars for every wedding!)…so enjoy the view and have a great week end!

coloured candy bar

pink bouquet
italian bride
italian groom
pink flower decorations church

lanterns in the church
religious ceremony bergamo

bride & groom in the park
bride groom bergamo

bride groom in the park
pink menu

personalised favours
candy bar

italian favours


Photographer: Giuli&Giordi
Location: Villa Gromo di Mapello
Wedding planner: Ila Malu’

Red and white breakfast…

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hi ladies,

How are you all doing?
The weather is so lovely which I hope you have plenty of things planned to enjoy the sun! We are planning to go to Cambridge tomorrow, so I hope the sunshine will resist for another day.
Yesterday I went to the presentation of a new Christmas flower collection and they gave me some “left overs” which I thought to use to create a little centrepiece for the lounge table…I bought some extra white carnations and some red roses and here you go…this is the result…a nice colourful table for this morning breakfast (I’ve also cooked some eggs and bacon!).
what do you think?
I love the little bowls – I bought them in a vintage shop in London last week end and they are by Green Gate Copenaghen.

Red and white carnations centrepiece
silver cuttlery and glass

A Spanish-Italian vintage wedding in Madrid

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Hello ladies!

We always look for lovely, fizzy and fresh bride wedding stories to tell, but when these stories belong to friends, we’re even happier to share them with you!

Let’s move away from our beautiful Veneto region, and let’s fly to Segovia, near Madrid, where Tomaso and Sofia tied the knot last month and organized a sooo vintage style wedding we simply LOVE! I know Tomaso as he was Mr G. university mate, some more than 10 years ago… Marco, the photographer is still a friend, as well as Mr G’s university mate!

Just for your eyes, here we are with some freshly cut flowers, soft lights, intimacy and a real vintage wedding atmosphere!

Love the great old style photobooth set prepared with care by Sofia! She prepared herself the setting and the bans made of patchwork material! Seems they had real fun!

sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
bride bouquet freshly cut flowers
waiting groom
civil ceremony vintage atmosphere
civil ceremony
ring exchange
vintage photobooth
vintage photobooth

Hasta Lluego!

Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Palazzo De Hoyuelos, Segova, Spain
Photographer: Marco Bau
Bridesmaid dresses: Soho Mode