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Lingerie made in Italy – Grazia’lliani

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Hello lovely ladies!

Today I would like to introduce you Grazia’lliani, one of our new sponsors, a little Italian lingerie brand based in Bologna.

I completely felt in love with their Sleep & Loungewear collection…mohair knitted jumpers open on the back, lace shirts and trousers to wear on top of your lingerie…simple and sophisticated at the same time! Well, you can browse their full collection to see with your eyes!

lingerie made in italy



Its design is really unique and comes from their ability to underline the natural elegance and grace of the female form all while providing her with a sensual and yet sophisticated image. Each piece is made in their workshop in Italy using natural fabrics and dyes – you will know that you’re buying a piece of Italian high craftsmanship at first glance. The maison is also offering a 20% discount to all the MIWP readers – you can claim it by entering this code MIW2014 to the check out.

lingerie grazialliani
Photos 2, 3 and 4 by Monia Merlo


Six Italian favours ideas

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Hi ladies!

How are you today?!
I only have a few days before little baby Cocca arrives…I’m so excited to meet her and see how she looks like…and in the meanwhile I try to do one of the activities that I like most…keep our blog updated which has been quite a challenge recently…

In the last few months we had a few brides who asked us to come up with some ideas for their favours – they wanted something ‘Italian’ but at the same time original and with a nice design.
So I thought to put together some ideas that I had in mind as well as a couple of examples of what we did in the past!
Let me know if you have any other suggestions…I always try to do something different so it’s completely personalised and unique!


{La Ciliegina sulla Torta & The Tasteful Life}

The idea behind this is to give your guests a taste of Italian sweet flavours. The first ones are the so called Baci di dama (literally Dame’s kiss), little one-bite biscuits made with nuts and chocolate…so yummy! I’ve not tried the second ones but I thought they would look really nice and elegant as wedding favours.


{ Via Jac o’ Lyn Murphy }

I find this idea simply amazing! You can use basil plants and put them in simple tomato tins with a nice tag…they can be used on the tables and then your guests can take them home and use them (maybe not the best option if they have to flight back home)


{ Martina Photo Marriage & My Italian Wedding Planner }

We made these little jars of honey for a couple who wanted to have a green wedding, which meant using local and bio suppliers as much as possible. So we bought the honey from a local farmer and we made the packaging using a stationery (tags) in line with the rest of the wedding design.


{ Kokkino Photo & My Italian Wedding Planner }

For this wedding we were asked to come up with the idea of some ‘useful’ and yummy favours…so we thought about some local jam in different flavours. Our designers then realised some bespoke labels that matched the wedding stationery.


{Via Pinterest & Pinterest }

Another idea could be to use local olive oil. I would recommend these favours only if you can find good olive oil, typically from Tuscany or the South regions. I love the idea of a thank you tag or a personalised label.


{ Joie Lala }

Last but not least, I also like the idea of little bottles of Limoncello. This is a typical liquor from the South (specifically from the Amalfi coast well-known for its juicy lemon trees), so I would recommend that if you are planning a wedding in that region only.

A classic hand-made leather wedding album

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Hi girls,

I realize this morning that I never told you about the choice Gianluca and I made for our wedding album!

One thing was for sure: the wedding album and the photographer in general was an investment and we were happy to spend the right amount of money on them! Of course, our budget did not blow up because of the photographer and the album, but we wanted to have a true good looking album, hope you like it!

It took me quite a while before I came across Andrea’s hand-made leather photo albums. He is based in Pesaro, in the Marche region, and he has got neither a website nor a blog: he simply sells his albums through the Ebay shop.

All leather albums we had seen in shops were really expensive, and not really bespoke… We were looking for something to be created in the size, colour and shape we wanted… And we found it among Andrea’s wide range of products!

If you contact him with your personal requirements (including the number of pages your album must contains), he will certainly come back to you in a fast turnaround with a bespoke offer and will send you offline the full range of albums models he makes – not all are in Ebay unfortunately! We paid something like 120€ for our album, and prices would start 25€ up to 350€, so definitely Andrea has a solution for all budgets…

We loved the quality of the leather, the colour and the detail of the album finishing, and also the fact Andrea was really fast in making our album really! In the end, we spent more time choosing and printing out our pictures than receiving our bespoke album! Thanks Andrea!

And you, what type of wedding album did you go for? Traditional or modern?

Bohemia crystal glass passion on your table!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Some time ago, I told you about Alter Ego Company and beautiful coloured glasses produced in Italy which would be a must-have in your wedding list!

Today I feel like writing about Bohemia crystal glass – nothing to do with Italy really you would say. But I would be happy to show how the combination of classic, elegant and sophisticated Bohemia crystal glasses can stand close to modern style coloured glasses on your table, so to impress massively your guests…

Our friends Jozef and Evelin from Slovakia got it right really, and brought us as a wedding gift some fantastic glasses from Rubin Company. (more…)

Colour and glass passion on your table!

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Glass, glass, glass! One of the most difficult-to-choose items we had in our wedding list were the glasses indeed! We were shown so many different styles, models and colours that we didn’t even remember all of them!
In the end, considering we chose simple white plates and ceramics, we made the decision to have a little bit of colour on our table so it gives some exotic touch to our lunches and dinners even after a hard day of work or during dark winter days!
That’s what we chose: here we are with Alter Ego, an Italian designer glasses from Verona.

Alter Ego has a great choice of glass models and colours – from the classic transparent ones to the more glossy dark ones which would really stand out in a modern and glam interior.

Gianluca and I went for the Nadia range of glasses and jugs which have a simple and modern designer shape. In order to make the whole thing fancier, we chose different colour of glasses: having red, green, blue, yellow or orange glasses standing one next to the others gives an excellent visual impact on your table cloth!

I like the smooth and round shaped lines of the Nadia jug you can see on the picture below. What I like as well about the jug and the glasses is their thick bottom, which gives the object an excellent stability in both your hands and on the table! So play with your creativity and don’t be afraid about colour!

Your glam and designer must-have furniture

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Your wedding is approaching, and it’s time for you to think about your wedding list…Why not putting onto your list an Italian designer piece of furniture that would astonish people around you? Here we are with Cantori, an Italian designer furniture company I’ve recently came across thanks to my brother who has just ordered a couple of armchairs I just find fantastic! Here they are:

Italian wedding list

I wish my brother had introduced me to Cantori before I got married last year! Cantori armchair Miss Croma model is simply glam and gorgeous, and the chromed armchair iron frame gives a fabulous light into your interior!

Needless to say my brother has driven me crazy with these armchairs; they usually cost of fortune in France, and in the end, we managed to find them at a design furniture retailer in Italy, which are arranging them to be shipped to France in the next weeks (fingers crossed!). There was a little bit of coordination, but we eventually  saved 30% off the French price! Well done, isn’t it? Think about it when listing up your wedding list: you better want to have it done abroad to have your guests saving money!

Italian wedding list

Miss Croma Poltrona cushions are available in different colours and luxury types of fabrics. That is the perfect contemporary and versatile high-quality design item that would stand in your house entrance, or in your living room. Alternativaly to the armchair, you may want to look for the chair models as well. I really like the black cushions chair model below associated with the black glossy table!

Italian wedding list

Wedding maps: key to have and nice to keep

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

What if your brother-in-law loses the flight and your bridesmaid has to pick him up just a couple of minutes before the wedding, while driving to the town hall? It’s not fiction, but what happened at my Italian wedding! I can have a laugh now, but that day I was furious.
That’s why I thought to write something about creative wedding maps…no excuses to get lost or be late! 

The artist behind this gorgeous map is Laura Hooper, a calligraphy designer based in California, specialized in hand-made stationery. These maps give your guests directions to reach the reception or the town hall locations, but they can also become original and chic gifts to bring back home, definitely much better than a simple holiday postcard! (more…)

A chocolate jewel is not for ever…

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Some weeks ago I wrote you about Peratoner’s chocolate, made by the Pordenone best known chocolate atelier. Today I feel like writing about other bespoke chocolate products they make to satisfy their customers requests…chocolate jewellery!

Yes indeed! A corner of the shop is entirely dedicated to jewels, and your eyes could not believe it. They look as glossy and real as true jewels! My husband might have better gone for a chocolate praline ring when choosing my engagement ring two years ago…They are so beautiful, nicely wrapped in their small red or black box, as elegant as real jewels… (more…)

Bring colour on your table with Macarons

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Every year weddings seasons see new interesting colours coming on show. It might be pink, turquoise, black or chocolate. Brides may want as well to combine colours among them into their wedding invitations or onto their wedding cakes as well!

I suggest that you add colour on your table in a nice and visual impact way with Macarons. This is a typical French meringue-based pastry: it is made with a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar and it is well-known its smooth, domed top and ruffled circumference.

When I was in Bordeaux (France)I discovered this exclusive shop M Le Macaron, which can customize Macaron colours for you! I love this idea! This would certainly give a personal touch to your wedding day! (more…)

A touch of Basque style in my wedding list

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Today I feel like promoting a bit of France (Allez, I can not  forget my origin country so easily…) and let readers know about a small company whose home fabrics are simply fantastic and high quality – the reason why I had my wedding list there!
Artiga was founded early in the 19th century in the Basque Country, near the Spanish Border, in the South West of France. (more…)