A boutique B&B in the heart of Abruzzo

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Hello dear ladies!

We have formally introduced a new feature – every month we will select a venue that we really like and we will feature it here on My Italian Wedding blog.
So if you are planning a romantic trip to Italy and would like something special, stay tuned!

The venue I choose today is called Sextantio and is situated in Stefano di Sessanio, a medieval walled village in the Abruzzo mountains which are part of the Grand Sasso Park.
What really took my attention, when I saw the photos of this stunning place, was mainly the fact that the hotel is not structured in one place but its 23 bedrooms are spread in old houses around the village!
This is indeed the result of a clever conservation project which was aimed to restore the old buildings without alterning their ancient structure.

old italian books

santo stefano village abruzzo
roofs santo stefano sessanio
old parfumes
luxury bathroom italy
The simplicity of the interiors is perfectly combined with the attention of special details – I love the fact that the creators of this stunning location managed to bring into new life old books, furniture, tools and fabrics!

boutique bouquet italy
luxury bedrooms italian hotel boutique
luxury bedrooms
luxury accomodation abruzzo
old Italian toy
room detail
elegant rustic restaurant abruzzo
rustic restaurant L'Aquila
italian cheese
italian homemade buiscuits


I think it would be a perfect location for an intimate wedding! The locanda is a little restaurant which offers traditional food in a very rustic but chic setting! All food is made following traditional recipies! There is also a herb tea room (how amazing!) where you can have a brew, expecially during the winter which is quite cold over there!

Photos: Mario Di Paolo

Trabocchi, a place between sea and sky

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

They look like little spiders spread around the south coast in the Abruzzo region, South Italy. They are called trabocchi and they are ancient structures similar to pile dwelling. They were built a few centuries ago by fishermen…who were too scared to leave the coast and go into the blue water to fish.

trabocchi wedding abruzzo
getting married in abruzzo
When I saw Katia and Matteo’s photos from Acromatico, in trabocco San Salvo, I completely felt in love with these structures which were completely unknown to me until I saw these stunning pictures!
They got married last summer and they decided to take some pictures in one of these unusual areas in their region. So lucky I found them!!!

katia & matteo wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia & matteo getting married in trabocchi
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo

katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo
katia matteo italy wedding abruzzo

katia italy wedding abruzzo

katia bride in trabocchi italy wedding

bride and groom wedding in abruzzo
If you would like to discover these little jems, you would need to head towards the Chieti province (between Francavilla and San Salvo), where the coast is wild and silent. Here among wild brooms, green olive trees and vineyards you can see these strange creatures appearing from the sea.
They are concentrated in the area from Punta Acquabella (in Ortona) to Vasto. Some of them are: Trabocco Fosso Canale in San Vito Marina; Trabocco Punta Cavalluccio, Punta Isolata and Punta Tufano in Rocca San Giovanni; Trabocco Pesce Palombo and Punta Rocciosa in Fossacesia.

Italo and Ale (Acromatico) are South Florida husband and wife wedding photographers. Italo is Italian and Ale is Chilean, two awesome cultures mixed together making a great team! Thanks for sharing these nice pictures!!! All these wedding pictures here.