A charming venue in Tuscany

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Hello girls!

Did you see the trees blossoming and the yard full of flowers? I’m so happy spring is coming!!
With this mood I want to bring you in a wonderful place in the middle of Italy.

What is better than the Tuscan countryside?

venue in tuscany

Tenuta di Papena is a country resort in the middle of Tuscany, not far to Siena.
In the XIII century this resort was a monastery, it has been recently refurbished and turned into a beautiful venue for your holiday o for planning your wedding in pure Tuscan style!

I love the old stones and ceiling with the wooden girders….It makes you feel more the rustic atmosphere!






This setting is stunning! A long rustic table in the middle of the fields with hanging lights…


What about the swimming pool? Definitely a plus!



Nearby Tenuta di Papena you can also find the stunning Abbey of San Galgano. A roofless old church where you can have your civil ceremony….just magical!



This venue is absolutely gorgeous and perfect if you are planning a rustic, country chic wedding or just thinking of spending a relaxing holiday.

rustic venue in tuscany


Photography: Yuliya Bahr Photography – Studio Bonon
Location: Tenuta di Papena

Sara & Simone: A wonderland garden in Tuscany

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Hi lovely friends!

This Thursday I would like to start the week with Sara and Simone’s wedding, an amazing real wedding in Tuscany!
I met Sara many years ago now, when we both used to work for the local newspaper of our town. Thanks to Facebook we managed to keep in touch despite the fact we both move far away from our hometown.

It was just through Facebook that I saw her wonderful wedding photos a few months ago!

Sara and Simone’s official photographer was Andrea Cittadini, but he came with his photographer friend Dennis Berti (lucky couple eh!), who took some pictures too. So most of the photos below were taken by Andrea, unless you see Dennis’ logo on them (or is specified below it). A bit confusing!

I simply loved the ones taken in this secret garden which reminds me of Alice’s in Wonderland! There were taken not far from the church where they got married, in the Siena area. What do you think?

garden for a wedding in tuscany
wedding in a wonderland garden  {Dennis Berti }

couple in garden in tuscany
bride and groom in garden in tuscany

But let’s go back to the beginning…


bride in tuscany


arrival of the bride
religious ceremony in tuscany
religious ceremony in tuscany
wedding rings

From the bride – I could not say which was the most memorable moment of our wedding – everything was amazing! From Simone’s arrival driving a motorbike, to the priest’s laugh while he was reading our friends prayers during the mess, as well as to our ride to the restaurant on a wonderful vintage convertible car.

outside the church
vintage car for wedding in tuscany
wedding in a wonderland garden in tuscany

The best time ever was probably during the reception, when our friends showed us a video which was basically a collection of pictures of us through the years, from when we were little up to the last couple of years. We both laughed and cried at the same time!

wedding venue in poggibonsi
venue in poggibonsi
catering in tuscany

I have to say it was a really special day – Simone and I met seven years ago in Liège (Belgium) during our Erasmus, and since then we travelled a lot and made friends who were spread in different part of Europe. So this was the day when we had everyone together in the same place from my town, from Simone’s town and from other parts of the world!

We danced, sang and had a lot of fun, I’ll do it again tomorrow!!

Photographer: Andrea Cittadini & Dennis Berti
Bride’s dress: Spose di Giò
Church: Basilica di San Lucchese a Poggibonsi
Venue: Tenuta Bichi Borghesi
Catering: Class Ricevimenti

A summer wedding in Tuscany

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Hello girls!
In two weeks’ time I will be in Venice where I will spend some time with my family and friends…can’t wait! To get into the mood of the Italian flavours MrB is cooking two gorgeous breams in the oven…I can start smelling them!

In the meantime I’ve found these pictures by Carlo Carletti about a lovely wedding in Tuscany – the first one which took place in 2011. A wonderful summer wedding in Asciano, which took place at Podere Finerri (we already mentioned it in another real wedding in Tuscany). Beautiful people, gorgeous location and elegant and simple decorations. Love it!





Grace+Tony: Love on a tree in Tuscany

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Hi girls,

I’ve just come back from a wonderful and busy week end in Tuscany where I met Alex and Tom, our lovely couple who will get married in the Tuscan countryside next September. We spent a lot of time trying menus and local wines, choosing flowers and thinking of table disposition…

I haven’t had time to dowload the photos Gianluca took while we were there, so in the meanwhile I thought of posting the pictures of this lovely wedding Catherine sent me a while ago and which took place in Tuscany, more precise in Asciano near Siena.

This is the love story of Grace and Tony, from Ireland – says their photographer Catherine – a fantastic bunch of very creative people that love enjoying life to its limits with dressing up parties & live music on end. When I asked the groom what type of pictures he would like to have for his wedding pictures, he told me he would love to have some couple picture on a tree. When they first met at a friend’s party he took her on his back and climbed a tree where they spent most of the night. How romantic is that?

villa wedding tuscany


small wedding tuscany
Podere Finneri is an old 1700’s farmhouse surrounded by the hills, offering thus a wonderful landscape for all the guests who participate to the wedding, and is just an amazing gorgeous relaxing place!!!
This small simple wedding location is the right place for the couple and the guests who would stay there not only for the wedding but also for a longer vacation enjoying the home made olive oil, the landscape and…the swimming pool ;-)!

I thank Catherine for sharing with us the beautiful pictures she’s had the opportunity to make over the last years in Podere Finerri by following foreign couples who chose this place to celebrate their wedding!

Location: Podere Finneri
Photographer: Catmon Photography

Lia+Rob: Wedding in a Tuscan Vineyard

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Hello ladies,

I’ve seen so many wedding photos since I’ve started this blog and sometimes it happens to me that I come across some images which do not look real. They are more like dreams printed out in a piece of paper…well, the wedding I’d like to show you today is one of those dreams which come true…

Lia and Rob are from New York and last summer they decided to get married in Italy. For their cerimony and reception they chose Vignamaggio Villa, an old vineyard in Tuscan countryside…

In this wedding I absolutely love the light pink walls of the Italian farm, the bride’s dress and the lovely cork placehoders which perfectly represents the Italian style of the wedding! And now I’ll stop talking and let you enjoy with these photos by Simply Bloom

Farm in Tuscany for a wedding

Destination Wedding Invitation Italy

Bridal Dress Tuscany
White & Pink Bouquet with ranunculus
Bride in Tuscany

Lia & Rob before the Wedding
Bride Groom

Bride & Groom Tuscany
Vignamaggio Vineyard in Tuscany
Cork Placeholders for a Wedding

Janice+Chris: romance and home-made pasta!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Happy Monday girls!

I hope you had a great Halloween week-end, mine was excellent since I spent an entire day shopping in York!
To start the week with energy I thought to write about another great destination wedding in Tuscany (I’ve already written about destination wedding in Tuscany…do you remember Emily & Nick’s story?).

Well, this is the story of Janice and Chris, two American guys who decided to get married in Tuscany last summer. What I really love about this wedding is the fact that they completely experienced the Italian life style! They stayed in a great villa with the whole family and invited a chef to teach them how to make hand-made pasta!
They travelled around the little villages of Lucca province and experienced the beauty and freshness of local open markets…

I leave you with the story of this great wedding told by their photographer Alexandra Roberts – I love her style and when she told me she is from Boston, where I studied for a while during uni, I liked her even more!

wedding at a fair

making pasta in tuscany

I met Chris and Janice as they were looking for a photographer to bring on this crazy trip. We instantly connected on many levels. Janice likes to tell the story about how she hugged me when we met up at a little coffee shop in Winter Hill and how I might have thought that was weird since we had only just met, but I wanted to hug her too! I got the phone call that they were picking me 3 days after we had met and I was just floored.
Not only was I excited to go to Italy for a week, but I knew that we were going to be friends for a really long time. Since we were going to be spending a week in a house together, we made a point to hang out a few times just to get to know each other better. (more…)

Italian origins and a lot of love

Monday, September 13th, 2010

A dream.
That’s what this wedding is!
I felt humbled when I saw Nick & Emily’s destination wedding in the tuscan countryside and I have to thank their photographer Jessica Lorren, who has been so kind to let me feature her pics in our blog!
I love the light, the gentle colours of each single pic and all those little details which make me think of my good old Italy! The wooden hanger, the settled table, the vineyard…everything drives me back to my childwood and make me feel peaceful…

Nick and Emily met in Chicago while attending medical school. They decided to get married in Italy after a trip there – they completely felt in love with the Tuscan landscape and they felt somehow part of it because of Nick’s grandfather Lino Italian origins.

They had their civil cerimony celebrated in Lucca town hall…

They got married at the villa Nick’s grandfather grew up in, and their reception was held at the little church Lino attended while growing up.
The villa is over 150 years old and was filled with memories of Nick’s rich Italian heritage. Emily carried her heritage with her as well, pinning her grandmothers’ brooches to her bouquet and wrapping it in her grandma’s hankie, wearing her aunt diamond earrings.