A movie set location…

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Hi girls!
How are you?
I’m back from a short holiday in Veneto, to visit my new little nephew and family. Italy was boiling last week and I have to admit I was glad, I needed some sun after a loong winter in the UK.

During this short visit I managed to find some free time to go around and discover new places and locations to offer to our couples…I managed to spot this wonderful liberty style villa in the Veneto countyside…I talked to the owner and she said it could be available for weddings! Yuppie!
While talking to her she mentioned the fact in the 70 s’ this house was the set of a famous Italian movie with Marcello Mastroianni! I can understand why…there was something magic while wondering around its rooms…beautiful retro wall paintings in the stairs leading to the first floor, wonderful art nouveau style furniture and vintage doors and decorations. I think I felt in love with it!

I will post more details on it on our wedding planner website. Enjoy the pictures now and have a nice starting of the week tomorrow!

wedding venue art nouveau veneto countryside



wedding location-veneto-villa

Photos: Stefania, Venice wedding planner

A yummy yummy address in Venice

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Hi there!

Guess where I was yesterday?
I give you a clue: what’s the most romantic city in the world?
Come on…of course it’s Venice! I was there on my own, for viewing some venues for some clients - no husband, no daughter…it was quite unusual, I have to confess and I missed them a bit!

I also treated myself with a nice meal. I guess everyone that has been in Venice before will agree: to find a really good quality restaurant or osteria in Venice at a convenient price is a real challenge. But I managed to find one which I’d like to recommend. In the three century old Ostaria Al Milion, you’ll feel the true taste of the Venice gastronomy as well as the old Venice osteria atmoshpere! The perfect place to organise an informal brunch with friends and family the day following your wedding!


The Osteria is located a few steps away from Ponte di Rialto, in one courtyard that was once property of Marco Polo’s family! Thus the name, Al Milion, that is the title given to Marco Polo’s adventures book.

A perfect address to taste the traditional Venice cucina, made of sardines in Saor, baccala mantecato (salt cod puree) or seppie alla veneziana (sautee cuttle fish with their ink) which you could combine with Veneto or Friuli wines!
Lunch starts from 35euro.

If you’d like to see where I’ve been you can also visit our wedding venues in Venice with a few new locations ideal for the couples who are planning a wedding in Venice.

Picture courtesy of: Dominique Robert Photography

Giulia + Nicola: Through a Burano Veil

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Giulia and Nicola got married in the Mendicoli Church (Chiesa dei Mendicoli), in Venice a few week ends ago.
What I love about this wedding is the location in Venice and the bride’s veil which recalls the broidering tradition of Burano, a tiny lovely island in the Venetian lagoon, famous for its coloured houses and..for its hand-made laces!
Thank you Barbara for these inspiring photos! It’s the end of the week end, so I need some encouragement to start the week!

The fairytail about the Burano laces is quite romantic…
Once upon a time a fisherman…it was his wedding eve and he was fishing in the lagoon when a siren tried to seduce him with her enchanting music. He resisted her and while she was leaving she bit his boat with her tail and from the foam of the water a wonderful veil came out. The fisherman decided to give it to his bride and the day of the wedding she was so beautiful that from that day on all the girls of Burano tried to make a veil as beautif as it was, starting the well-know tradition of Burano embroidery…



Chic wedding in Venice – Part 2

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Hello girls!
How are you after last rainy bank holiday week end?
As for me I spent my time with MrB paking and moving to our new house in Lincoln, tiring but wonderful! PLus I had a bit of time to write this post on the second part of that chic wedding in Venice we featured at the begining of last week, do you remember?

This lovely couple from France got married a while a go with a Jewish cerimony in La Giudecca, a Venice. I was letterally humble in from of this elegant event. Look at the decorations: yellow and pink roses (I like this match, it’s not so popular, probably because the yellow colour in flowers has never been associated to a “wedding colour”). I quite like the idea of wrapping then in a little rounded box…

What about the cake completely covered with the same roses! Very chic!

Photos courtesy of Morlotti Studio

Chic wedding in Venice – Part 1

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Happy Monday girls, how are you?
Today I’ve got one of those wedding which leaves you without words. Literally!
I think that getting married in Venice is already a romantic idea, but when it is organized in a stunning location and with perfect attention to details I get really excited…you know I’m a wedding geek!
I don’t know much about this wedding, but as soon as I get more details I will post them: I love the bride’s corset with laces and the elegant pink and white roses decorations. Plus the atmosphere actors with Venetian masks and costumes are great!
Keep tuned, the photos of the reception and of the dancing night are coming soon…


Photos courtesy of Morlotti Studio

My millionaire Indian wedding in Venice

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I wish I had some 10 million euro to spend for my own wedding! This is exactly what Vinita’s father spent so she could get married in Venice over the last days… Indeed, a 72 hours amazing wedding that is now over, but that has seen the city in a great excitement!

A perfect bollywood style wedding with the only difference that it was held in Venice: 800 guests, elephants, horses taken to Venice for the occasion, Shakira and Gotan Project live performances, fireworks over the city, magic Venetian locations chosen for a wedding said to be by far more beautiful than Kate and William’s…

La Misericordia, San Clemente, l’Arsenale…We have to admit that thanks to Vanita’s father, the wedding guests could enjoy some Venice very special places that are not used to be weddings locations…


Think, the city could not even refuse to put in place for the occasion greater security measures as well as removing for the event the city noise limitation obligation that is in place in some areas of the city, or to permit bride and groom the day after the wedding to have the priority onto the whole Venice water traffic that is usually pretty messy… Well done Mr Mayor, and well done Mr Agarwal!

And you, what would you do if you had a few millions euros wedding budget?

Lost in Venice

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

When I was living in Italy I really liked going to Venice and getting lost around its little calles and old building which really look all the same. I usually had no destination, the pleasure was to take a new road and let it bring me somewhere I had never been before, better if in company of a good friend…

Yesterday, when I saw this video on some friends’ facebook page, I felt to be there in Venice… 
Have a look at it and I hope you can have a feeling of Venice’s magic spirit! 

Around Venezia from Icam on Vimeo.

Would Shakespeare have choosen a theatre?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Good morning ladies,

I’ve got a funny question for you today…
Have you ever dreamt of having your wedding celebrated in a pretty uncommon place such as a theatre?
Now you can get married at the world’s smallest theatre, the Teatro della Concordia in Umbria region,  or you can choose among more famous ones such as La Fenice in Venice or the oldest theatre in Europe which is the Real Teatro San Carlo in Naples.
These historical and magical places have recently started to be used for private private events including weddings! The choice of such a location must not be limited by a tight budget though…

Laura and Ferdinando recently tied the knot at San Carlo theatre – their VIP wedding was organized by Cira Lombardo wedding planner…have a look at their fab pictures!

Wedding in a theatre

Theatre Details

These ones below are a few details of the Fenice Theatre in Venice, where I would set up a glamour ’30s style wedding with a masquerade ball to follow!

La Fenice Opera House Venice

Fenice Opera House in Venice
La Fenice Opera House Venice

Photos courtesy of: Josef SchoenhoferAlfredo Liverani

The other day

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

It’s winter in Venice too…

Snow in Venice
Gondolas with Snow in Venice
Christmas in Venice
Photos courtesy of Marco Secchi

Kasia+Paul: Autumnal wedding in Venice

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Monday morning.

Not the best day of the week I have to admit…I’ve to get out of my warm bed and start another working week, a few lists of things to do (I’m kind of obsessed with lists, I know that)… so I needed to find something inspiring to cheer me up a little bit. And I got it!
Our second real Venetian wedding (the first wedding in Venice we featured was Andy and Rachel’s)

The risk with wedding in Venice is that you end up always doing the same kind of shots…in San Marco, at Rialto Bride or in a masks’ shop. That’s why, when I saw Kasia and Paul’s wedding shot at the Venetian fish market I was impressed! Mauro, their photographer, was really creative in driving them into the everyday life rhytm of Venice. I loved it!
The fishmarket, the Bellini shop and those scratched urban walls…
I hope you like our first choice of the week!

Venice lascape during a wedding

Paul, the groom
Kasia & Paul, wedding in Venice
Bride and groom at the Venice fish market
Around Venice
Walls in Venice

Photographer: Mauro Pozzer
Location: Venice and Hotel Canal Grande (more…)