Shhh my darling! But don’t keep them too quite…

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Hello girls!

You might have seen them already as they are getting very popular!
I discovered Jenny and Graziano’s wedding invitations and stationery Shhh My Darling a few months ago, but I only had a chance to write about it today.

I had a nice exchange of e-mails with Jenny, who by the way comes from the Veneto region so not far from where I used to live, and discovered a bit more about her and Graziano, partners in work and life.

This is the little interview I put together with some nice pics of their work! Enjoy!

I love the name of your business, where does Shhh My Darling come from?
Sometimes brand names are not a marketing operation but the result of a random thought. That was our case to, it happened just like that.
We were working at some shoots done a few days before in a park here in Rome which had a deer stuffed head and in one of these shoots we were gently telling the head to shut up. We thought this would have looked quite nice in our graphic design and the sentence that naturally came out of it was Shhh, My darling! We liked it so much that we decided to use it as the name of our agency.

Your illustrations have a very original style (I could recognise your animals among hundreds of them!), how did you come up with this idea?
It has been a while since we moved to more “naturalistic” themes. We have seen a general return to the discovery of nature in visual arts and a particular attention to the animal life. We already had a wide range of illustrated postcards featuring animal heads which were quite popular overseas. So when we decided to create a brand new wedding collection we decided to use the same subjects, couples of animals dressed like bride and groom.

wedding invtiations with animals
Where do you get inspiration from?
The web is one of our main channels of inspiration, together with international magazines and travels. Our studio is a source of inspiration too: it’s full of random objects that we buy everywhere, especially at flea markets. Other sources are illustration books, old toys, postcards, ribbons and paper sample…every now and then we try to clean up our desks but it doesn’t last more than a few minutes!

unusual save the date with animals

Going back to name choices, I simply love the name of your wedding collection “We smell the same”. How did you come up with this idea?
We came up with the idea of this collection when we were in New Zealand visiting some friends. We thought of the animals’ instinctive behaviour of smelling each other’s, of the fact that they recognise each other’s smell. A mother recognises the smell of her puppies and a couple get together because of an olfactory attraction.

save the date originali

What is the first question you ask a client who chooses your wedding stationery?
Our clients are people who are looking for something different and have already clear ideas on what they want. Most of the time they found us online or via word of mouth so they exactly know our style.
We always try to understand their needs so that we can suggest something completely personalised, some other times they are the ones who come to us asking for specific ideas or details.
It seems obvious, but the first question that we would need is the number of guests…most of them write to us with very detailed descriptions on what they would like but then they forget to tell us where and when they get married!

Last question, how did you meet?
It was ages ago we both worked in the illustration sector and we both dreamt of doing illustrations as a full time job.
One morning I went to the studio where I used to work and I met this new chatty designer with messy hair. It didn’t take long, a year later we were engaged and we both left the studio. “We smell the same”

WE LoVe Wedding Stationary

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Hi girls,

Lace, natural paper, elegant fonts,… I love starting the day with vintage wedding stationary especially when stationary graphics designers are from our area really! Just love it!

Caterina lives not far from Venice, in Padova. She created her brand back in 2005 and called it We Love as she has always been passionated by art, graphics and design.
Caterina started to be inspired by the cross-ocean wedding world years before, and managed to stamp her first creations in the family-owned printing company! Brand new concepts, ideas and style which were at that time quite of a challenge!

I’ve chosen for you today today some soft, light and natural colour, that would perfectly match a rustic and elegant wedding theme… What do you think?


Caterina uses of various fabrics and materials she can decline in a wide range of colours and themes… this is what made me so enthousiastic about Caterina’s creations!


Invitations, church booklets, menus, tableau, place name holders, thank-you cards,… Caterina’s work is completely unique and tailor-made upon her customers requests!

Do not hesitate to visit her gallery! A real nice surprise! Enjoy!

Natural paper DIY wedding invitations

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Hi girls,

I realize that I haven’t written in here for quite a long time! Between a visit at a Venice catering and a baby spring party at the nursery, here I am with some stationary ideas I made for one of our July bride-to-be in Venice!

Her only condition: Natural paper!

Manuela wants for her wedding invitations, menu and tags only natural paper! Here I am with my first trials made of mulberry paper ivory color, rice paper lavender colour, and lokta printed paper from Renkalik distributor… I chosed for my tests some lokta blue printed paper that represents some elegant floral design!

The most challenging part: having the rice paper going through my home ink-jet old printer without being completely mashed by the machine….Argh….Made it!

What do you think about the result? Keep tuned as final stationary version will be online soon…

DIY polka red tags…

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Hi girls,

Thanks God it’s Friday! Relax finally after a week I spent mostly in Venice to meet with lovey brides and grooms to be!
Here I am with part II of my Troussepinette polka dot red theme christening! Remember I used a both funny and elegant scrapbooking paper from Karen Marie Klip Design to realize my paper origami windmills?

Since there was a lot of paper left after I used it for my windmills baptism invitations, and red polka dots baptism party decoration you’ll see pretty soon, well I used it as well to make the tags I would have used on the sweet and candy bar I was preparing…

Madeleines, Macarons, Maya, Merci,… So many “M” in here! Here you are with my baptism polka dots tags…. What do you reckon?

DIY polka dots christening invitations

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Hi girls,

Maya’s christening is now over! I can’t even say how much I’ve worked over the past weeks! Feel some kind of exausted really, and guesss I need a rest…

But well, I spent such a good time preparing and organizing every little detail of the red and white theme christening decorations I wanted to give her!

Everything started when I came across WOP photographies website last year! I’m a regular visitor of their blog, and I was simply fascinated when I read through the few posts written by Stephanie regarding her daughter’s christening

Here I am today with my red and white invitations liberally inspired from WOP… Enjoy!

Origami red and white polka dot invitations

red and white christening invitations

red polka dot christening invitations

I love the windmills! I guess it recalls somehow the shape of a modern cross! It’s some kind of less official, but doesn’t loose any meaning to the real sense of the christening really…

Keep tuned, as the second part is about to come…

A spicy chocolate fondant on my husband pillow…

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Hi lovely brides-to-be,

Happy Valentine’s day from Italy!

We’ve had some snow over the week end, and since we spent the week-end at home because I was not very well myself nor my Troussepinette, then I dedicated some time to cook something special and em>hot for Mr G for our Valentine’s day ( he’s not very well today either…)

Something hot, yummy and spicy! Well, you know, food that mix perfectly hot chocolate and spices is the perfect combination for a passionable moment!

Here I am with the result of my spicy chocolate fondant Mr G. has found on his pillow today!

Got inspired when finding in my Troussepinette‘s bag last week at the nursery Gaelle’s beautiful valentine’s day cards representing lovely pillows linked together in a fancy “Love you…..”

What you need for 2 fondants:
> 80g butter
> 100g dark chocolate
> 50g sugar
> a few pieces of spicy dark chocolate ( i used the lindt peperoncino chocolate)
> 2 eggs
> 25g plain flour

And you, how did you treat your love today?!

Photographer: Sylvie, Wedding Planner.
Valentine’s Cards Designer: GB Illustrations  & Graphics.

Italian coffe and red buttons on your Valentine’s day…

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Hi girls,

Happy Saturday sleepy morning!

Have spent this week two lovely moments chatting with Gaelle about our lovely daughters, our personal life and professional projects, in front of a good cup of Italian caffè macchiato!

Valentine’s day is getting closer, and she designed some fab Valentines cards I’m happy to share with you girls!

Gaelle said she got inspiration on the Italian coffee hearted card while sitting in a bar having a good Illy coffee! Do you recognize the shape of the cups! Great inspiration!

Love the tiny owls and the Valentine’s twins card that is now sticked on my fridge! Each time my troussepinette stares at it, she simply says “waouwwww”

If you just think to order some special and unique valentine’s cards for your love, simply contact Gaelle! She would love to design something bespoke for you!

Valentine’s Cards Designer: GB Illustrations  & Graphics.

Ladybird, Ladybird…have a nice cake with me!

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Happy sunny monday everyone!

While baking something nice for my little Troussepinette Maya who turned 6 months yesterday, I found in my stuff a pretty funny picture or message holder ladybird shape that would be an excellent idea as a creative table place card holder for your wedding!

yoghourt muffin red polka dot dessert wedding

This is one of Lara Marchetti’s creations made of felt and boiled wool material.

Lara works in Rimini, and creates place card holders as well as table seating plan and tens of other favors creative items!

ladybird place card holder

They do exist in different shape and set a funny tone to your wedding dinner. And then, being initially a picture holder, your guests will love finding a favor waiting for them!


Lovely, isn’t it?

Photos: Sylvie – Wedding planner Venice

Tell me what you like for my wedding!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Hi girls,

I’ve got something really creative for you today which I hope could give nice diy ideas for all of you who are planning their wedding in Italy.

A few days ago I came back from work and I found a nice hand-written letter just for me in the doorway! I have always loved receiving letters and I wish I could have more of them!
So here below the content of the envelope…

Purple invitation and tags for wedding in italy
Alex and Tom’s wedding invitations! What a surprise!
They are a lovely English couple who got in touch with us a while ago in order to have some help in arranging their wedding in Tuscany next September. 

Alex is a really creative girl and she has made her own invitations, designing a series of little tags which will help them and their guests having a great day in Italy. So each tag corresponds to a piece of information the couple would like to have from them: together to the more obvious “attendance” one, I really loved the “dietary” one – please let us know if there is something you can’t eat!) and the “music” tag which allows each single guest to choose one or more songs to be played during the danging time! While the “arrival & departure” one is more like practical in order to arrange transportation for everyone.

Wedding Invitations and tags

I love the decorations too and also the little stickers with their address which were in the envelope, so that their guests can send the tags back to let them know what they’d like for their wedding.

I also like the little grapes drawing (Italian grapes by the way!)

DIY Italian save the date

Sunday, January 16th, 2011


We are officially up and running after a very long Christmas holiday in Italy – food, lovely friends and relaxing chatting.
So I’m ready to start with a lot of energy and today I would like to talk about wedding stationary!

I always love receiving letters and cards by post…I love the idea someone has thought of me and more than that I like discovering what there is inside: thoughts, drawings and all the other feelings and emotions you can find nested in between the hand writing lines.

I would like to show you Valentina‘s diy save the date cards which might have already reached her guests! Valentina lives in London but she is Italian and she will get married to an American guy  next June in her hometown of Pescara.
She chose an elegant gray with baroque frames and rhinestones to give some luxe. I really like them and more than that I love the story of her engagement day which you can read after the pictures!

DIY European Ornate Save the Date

DIY European Ornate Save the Dates

About a month ago, something beautiful happened…and I am now ready to tell you all about it!
It was Tuesday, September the 14th and I spent the whole day at a conference.
Rob had booked a table at one of our favourite restaurants down the Tower Bridge area. It’s the restaurant we chose to have dinner in when Rob finally found a job in London, now more than four years ago.

While walking, it started pouring down and it rained so hard I almost wanted to cry! We put our hoods up and started running but when we were very close to the Tower Bridge Rob stopped; I turned over to look at him and he was holding a ring. There, in our favourite spot in London, under a torrential rain, he asked me to marry him. It was so bad and so perfect at the same time!

And the marvellous thing was that the ring was fake! So I looked at him and laughed and cried at the same time. It seemed to be in the set of a movie, the rain for a moment didn’t seem to bother us, it was just the two of us, embracing each other, with the lights of the majestic Tower Bridge behind us. Of course I said yes! Rob and I have been talking about wedding, marriage, honeymoon, kids, growing old together, retirement…since the very first night we met.

It was an easy question! I said yes without a ring, and I said yes with a plastic ring! The day after, we met for lunch, he told me he was going to be around my office, so we thought it would be nice to have lunch together. Instead, we *had lunch* at De Beers in the so elegant Bond Street and I confirmed my yes. Rob picked Aura, a very beautiful ring. I think it’s delicious!