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Best time of the year to get married in Italy

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Hello future brides and grooms!

If you are considering to get married in Italy but you have still some doubts when is the best time of the year, you are in the right place!

Italy is a great country for a destination wedding and offers infinite type of styles, venues and atmosphere. Today we will talk about different wedding locations all around the country and the best season to plan your wedding there.

For an Italy lover like me, I would say every day is the best time to have a wedding in this country but of course there are some aspects to have in mind. The most common questions are: which month is the perfect one? Will it be too warm? Will there be a lot of tourists? In this post I will try to answer all these questions. To begin with I will tell you some ground facts about getting married in Italy:

  • The wedding season usually runs from late April till the end of October and most of the wedding take place in this period.
  • The warmest month of the year is August and usually people would discourage you to get married in this month (avoid the week of the 15th August, it’s Ferragosto, the most popular national holiday in Italy and it’s more likely that everything is fully booked and the roads really crowded).
  • If you are willing to get married out of the wedding season, you might save some money because in general vendors could offer you some discounts.

So here is our timetable divided by season, in which you will find the best wedding location to have your Italian wedding.

Elopement in Venice Ph by Nastja Kovacec Photography


If you are a winter lover your ideal wedding is surrounded by some stunning mountains covered in pure white snow. Italy offers some spectacular mountain ranges, like the Dolomites, UNESCO Heritage in the North of Italy. Find out our top wedding venues in the Dolomites and get some inspiration…

wedding in the Dolomites Ph by No Limit Picture

winter bouquet Ph by Serena Genovese


With the spring begins the wedding season in Italy, so if you are planning to get married in this period I suggest you to start looking minimum six month before. In this season I would recomend the big cities of arts and love.

Venice is one of the most romantic cities of the world and it is a perfect choice for those who are looking for romance and elegance. Here you can have either a civil or symbolic ceremony in some stunning Palazzos decorated with the unique Venetian style and in some exclusive wedding venues all around the city.
A Gondola ride is a romantic activity to do with your bride/groom, or you could take a water taxi and do a tour of the remote venetian islands, such as Murano, Burano and Torcello! In any case both are a perfect way to visit Venice in a different point of view and I’m sure you would really like it.

wedding in Venice Photo by Aljosa Videtic

wedding in gondola Ph by Weddingcity

Birthplace of the Renaissance the city of Florence will overwhelmed you with its beauty. Not to mention the beautiful countryside of Tuscany close to hand. Here you can have your ceremony in an amazing city where art is all around, a dreaming backdrop for your day!!
For the reception and the party a nice idea is to move to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, such as Siena or Monteriggioni, where the view will simply amaze you and your guests.


venue in tuscany Tenuta di Papena

Every street lead to Rome, maybe the most famous Italian city in the world. You won’t find the same atmosphere anywhere else. It is a place full of story and romance. Here you can have your Vespa drive and have your romantic journey like Audrey Hepburn did in her Roman Holiday!!

Rome Pinterest


When I think of an Italian wedding in summer my heart goes to a countryside location. This season is perfect for an al fresco wedding ceremony and reception set in some amazing venues.

My favourite location are the Venetian villa in the Veneto countryside. You can have a stunning bucolic background in an elegant and historical venue. The perfect place for the wow effect you are looking for!

Searching for some info to get married in this region? Check out this list of amazing options for your Wedding in Veneto

wedding in veneto countryside Ph by Nastja Kovacec Photography

If you are thinking of your guests and what they can do through the days before and after the wedding I would advise the region Friuli Venezia Giulia with a strategic position near both the mountains and the sea.

wedding-in-torcello_0024 Ph by Mauro Pozzer


Autumn is a fascinating season. Summer is almost finish, colours are changing and the sun has a different light. A great option for you is to get married in some location surrounded by vineyards or olive groves. September is the month of the grape harvest and this could be a nice leitmotiv for  your wedding.

Autumn is the perfect season to get married in the South of Italy. It is still warm but not too much, there are less tourist and there are more option for you to book easily your wedding venue. The options are so many and each amazing. I really love the Puglia region, it has uniques landscape and a vintage and rustic atmosphere. Not to mention the trulli buildings, like the one in the picture, and the masserie, amazing wedding location.

Puglia Ph by Andrea Antohi

Want to know more about this region? Go and get inspired at the page Weddings in Apulia

Still not sure about the best time of the year to get married in Italy? Leave a comment and we will try to help you!

A couple of week ends ago in Milan…

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Well hello lovely people! It has been a while, hasn’t it? But I’m here now…
Some of you might have had an e-mail from us apologizing for the long delay in replying to you. Today I want to explain why, or even better show you were we were…

A couple of weeks ago we took part at The Love Affair, together with our friends at Noeliya and other cool people from all over Italy. The Love Affair is a clever project by Sofia and Cristina who created one of the first non traditional wedding fair in Italy…so we couldn’t miss it! We met so many people that we only know virtually…

And this is Noeliya’s stand where we worked…(thank L&V for this shoot!)


vintage table for wedding in italy

noleggio bicchieri e piatti vintage

We highly recommend a visit to this show to all the brides who are looking for something trendy for their wedding in Italy. From wedding dresses by Italian independent ateliers to small and creative graphic designers specialised in wedding stationery, to florists with an international style…you can find all you are looking for and even what you didn’t know could ever exist and be so cool! Sorry for being a bit unbiased but my eyes were heart shaped while I was going through the stands of the other exhibitors…

the love affair milano

Have a look at some of the shoots taken by Elisabetta Marzetti here below…

glass rental italy

the love affair milano

the love affair milano

the love affair milano

the love affair milano

the love affair milano

the love affair milano

And this is us…posing like kind of stars at a premiere…well, obviouly this photo was taken on the first day when we were still fresh and bright…luckily no one saw us at 3 am when we arrived home after having 1) uploaded a lorry with all our stuff, 2) fed a 4 months ol baby on the highway, 3) driven for three hours and half in the night after a two days exhibition…

noeliya staff

New look for our blog

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Hello lovely friends!

Sorry for the long delay…May has been a really busy month for us…a few weddings around Italy, many ideas and projects for next year  and, most important, a new look for our blog!!!!

This is the result of few months of brainstorming and sharing ideas with Lilia, the illustrator of our new banner…

My italian wedding banner 960

This new banner says it all!
We wanted something which reflects us, who we are and what we like and above all how we live and see our beautiful Italy! We believe this perfectly represents us…

A bride at a window overlooking Venice which is the place where we live. A vintage wallpaper in the tones of orange…a few vintage postcards from different parts of Italy, because our blog is aimed to be a source of inspiration for all the brides who want to get married in Italy. An old grammophone which we saw in real during one of our weddings around Italy, some ranunculus which are our preferred flowers and a little photo of Tina Modotti, beloved photographer from our region.

We hope you like it and thank you again Lilia for your amazing job!


{ Inspiration } Mint green and the villa Farnesina’s frescos

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Happy Tuesday lovely friends!

How are you in this cold weather?
Today I would like to introduce a new feature which should give you some colour inspiration as well as suggestion on wedding locations in Italy.
We will run a post per month which will have a colour theme together with some photos of creative fashion ideas or decorations for your destination wedding in our beautiful country!

While flickring through images in search of the colour for this first blog post, I came across the stunning photo of villa Farnesina, in Rome, and its stunning green and blue frescos displaying the story of Cupid and Psyche…simply breathtaking!!!

So that’s the reason why I decided to go for this colour, which I think is quite trendy by the way…

villa farnesina


The villa was built in the 16th century and was decorated by the most famous painters of the time (among whom Raffaello).
The elegance of this mint dress (from Bang Style)perfectly matches the ancient beauty of the villa. I also liked the old pendant which has a touch of green due to its age and use (from Etsy).

What about this sweet photo shooting by Antonio Redaelli, from Vogue Sposa? Feathers, feathers, feathers…

green wedding in italy inspiration

I simply love the first dress with its long tulle skirt and decorated top by Giuseppe Papini and the little details which make it so charming and unique – from the shoes with feathers by Mihai Albu to the white fan by Accessorize! And what about the black and white feather shawl by Nana’ Firenze by Mazzanti?? This little company based in Firenze is a real gem – all the hair bands in this photo shooting are made by them!

I particularly like the white dress in the middle picture by David Fielden – clean lines and soft textile…

On desperate seas long wont to roam
Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face,
Thy Naiad airs have brought me home
To the glory that was Greece,
And the grandeur that was Rome.

Edgar Allan Poe – To Helen


Getting married in Rimini…

Monday, January 14th, 2013

My dear friends,

The die is cast!

I know it is almost unbelievable, but it is true! NEVER had I thought of getting married but last September, during a romantic weekend at the Park of Delta del Po – my boyfriend + myself + our motorbike – I said YES to my Samuele!

Obviously, we have already started organizing the event, thinking of WHAT, WHERE, WHO, HOW, WHEN.

I will tell you everything if you wish but I would start writing about WHEN I went to the Registrar Office at Rimini’s Town Hall to book the date. And, above all, to share with you the sweetness of the dinner we had that very day, at home, the two of us.

rimini ponte tiberio

{ Tiberius Bridge – Instagram by @fabio33 }

It was supposed to be a normal Thursday but after having spent my lunch time at the civil office and having finally fixed the official date of the wedding, I decided to cook a special supper, because it was a very special day, in fact! After work I rushed to the supermarket and I bought a couple of wonderful sea breams, some potatoes and cherry tomatoes. In our fridge there was already a bottle of Prosecco.

Once at home, I put the fish into the oven with potatoes and tomatoes and started to dress the table: table cloth, white polka dots red napkins, red glasses, flutes, candle light, a couple of red roses and a wooden heart by Legnomagia.


What a fantastic surprise when Samuele arrived home!

We ate a fantastic fish and drank a nice Prosecco, repeating to each other with our eyes shining and smiling with happiness and emotion: on May 25th 2013 we will celebrate our special day! With our families, with all our friends. Let’s save the date!

So please, SAVE THIS DATE, you too! 🙂

From Hong-Kong with love

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Hello girls,

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week-end!

I would like to start the week with a lovely Chinese pre-wedding session in Venice! I’ve been following the wonderful job of Peggy from Maison Pestea Photography for quite a while, but for a number of reasons, we were both able to be in touch and get to know at each other during the last Christmas break! Peggy, just like me, has been living in Italy for a number of years and spending some time with her on the phone chatting only in French has been quite of a fresh air breath!

I’m happy to share today then Celia and Joe’s pre-wedding session. They both come from Hong Kong. They plan to get married in March 2013, but before that they chose to travel to Europe for a series of pre-wedding sessions shots! They spent thus 15 days in Europe and visited different places, taking each time the opportunity to have a prewedding session with a photographer and each time with a dress and different bouquets… Amazing isn’t it?


hong kong citizens getting married in venice


hong kong citizens getting married in venice

wedding in venice for chinese citizens

wedding in venice for chinese citizens

chinese bride in venice

chinese couple for wedding in venice

pre wedding session in venice

pre wedding session in gondola

pre wedding session in gondola

Celia and Joe’s session in Venice started from Hotel Carlton facing the Grand Canal, where they stayed during their journey. They spent most of their time with Peggy in Santa Croce and Dorsoduro.

Love the shots in the gondola! What do you think?

Photographer Credits Peggy Picot Maison Pestea Photography

Gabrielle Chanel and the Venice experience…

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Good morning lovelies!

It was during one of my recent business trips to Paris, while wandering in the airport and looking for some nice Frenchy Christmas gifts, that I came across Coco Noir, the brand new fragrance by Chanel! Did you know of the strong relation between Coco Chanel and Venice?!

It’s amazing how Venice has been such a source of inspiration for Coco Chanel, who moved there in the early 20’s.
coco chanel in venice
venice landscape - black and white vintage

Gabrielle Chanel started to build a new life in Venice after the loss of her love Boy Capel. She had the opportunity to walk across the city, to discover ancient palazzi, nice and secret corti, a city full of mystery and elegance that colored every aspect of her life once she was back in Paris and inspired her in her next creations.

coco chanel
coco chanel at work

If you would like to follow Coco Chanel’s footsteps this is are some must see places the French artist loved.

Caffè Florian. After a stroll at the Lido beach, spend a couple of hours at one of the world’s most elegant caffee.

San Marco church. Coco Chanel took inspiraton from some of its decorations to design a new line of jewelery.

Danieli Hotel. Gabrielle used to stay at this luxury hotel as well as at the Grünwald and Hotel des Bains.

Harry’s Bar. In the evening stop at this elegant bar for a glass of wine. It was not rare to see Coco Chanel in this restaurant where other well-known artists enjoyed the authentic Venetian atmosphere such as Guglielmo Marconi, Arturo Toscanini, Georges Braque, Charlie Chaplin, Barbara Hutton and Orson Welles.

Venice Black and White Picture by Katie Lloid

Acqua alta in Venice

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Hi girls,

Just a quick note to confirm that I’m still alive despite all the high water we had in the last we days in Venice. Over the night the acqua alta or floodwaters in Venice has reached 143cm height, much above the normal security levels… Part of the city is currently under the water, including San Marco square, the most exposed area of the city!
This is a picture I took before a wedding a few days ago…OMG!

boots in venice
The wedding went really well but I felt I was doing an acqua gym class for the whole day back and forward the narrow alleys in Venice!

If you’re getting married in Venice in these days, do not forget your rain boots! If you’re planning a last minute wedding or journey in Venice, you better consider Rialto as the area where to choose a hotel as it’s the “highest” area of the city you could easily reach by Vaporetto…

A Spanish-Italian vintage wedding in Madrid

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Hello ladies!

We always look for lovely, fizzy and fresh bride wedding stories to tell, but when these stories belong to friends, we’re even happier to share them with you!

Let’s move away from our beautiful Veneto region, and let’s fly to Segovia, near Madrid, where Tomaso and Sofia tied the knot last month and organized a sooo vintage style wedding we simply LOVE! I know Tomaso as he was Mr G. university mate, some more than 10 years ago… Marco, the photographer is still a friend, as well as Mr G’s university mate!

Just for your eyes, here we are with some freshly cut flowers, soft lights, intimacy and a real vintage wedding atmosphere!

Love the great old style photobooth set prepared with care by Sofia! She prepared herself the setting and the bans made of patchwork material! Seems they had real fun!

sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
sofia bride preparation
bride bouquet freshly cut flowers
waiting groom
civil ceremony vintage atmosphere
civil ceremony
ring exchange
vintage photobooth
vintage photobooth

Hasta Lluego!

Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Palazzo De Hoyuelos, Segova, Spain
Photographer: Marco Bau
Bridesmaid dresses: Soho Mode

A fizzy save the date session in Burano

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Hi girls,

Here I am today with something fresh, juicy and sooooo colourful!

It was right after I came back from my last journey in Venice, that I came across this colourful save the date session in Burano, shot with so much care and love by Michela!

Michela and Giuseppe, last year bride and groom to be, were about to get married in their home Sicily, but before that they assigned to Michela Zucchini their save-the-date session shoot in Venice!

Burano is the perfect place in the summer time!

This session is soooo vintage and I love the perfect contrast between Michela’s dress and the colour offered by Burano as an overall atmosphere! Let you eyes enjoy this lovely colourful moment!

save the date burano yellow house
before save date session venice

burano square yellow house
red heart rain burano
two hearts burano final
kiss burano vintage save the date
save the date burano frame
love burano wedding
engagement session burano pink house
save the date venice calle
love burano vintage wedding

Photographer: Michela Zucchini