Colin Firth and his Italian Wedding in Umbria

Posted on March 2nd, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hello all,

I’ve to confess I’m not that fun of gossip, but I do love cinema.
So I couldn’t wait to know who won the Oscars the other day and flickring through the pictures of the winners in search for at least one familiar Italian name, I was pleasantly surprise to discover that Colin Firth‘s wife Livia Giuggioli is Italian.

Not only that,  they also got married in Italy where they have a house.
It’s not in Tuscany thanks god! Don’t get me wrong, I love Tuscany, but I think there are some other wonderful gems which most of the people don’t know and which could be a very romantic and unusual location for an Italian style wedding.

They got married in Città di Pieve, a nice little medieval town in Umbria, not far from the Trasimeno lake. I leave you with these lovely pics by Alessandro Longobardi and Alessandro Carlini (thank you both!) which I hope will tickle your curiosity…who knows…

Italian narrowest street citta della pieve

Città di Pieve is also the home of the Italian narrowest street, vicolo Baciadonna.
The literal translation is “kiss woman” street and it probably goes back to some local legend saying that road is so narrow that in the past men used to come here to approach women! Strange Italians!

Church Umbria Citta della Pieve Colin Firth Wedding

Every August the town hosts a well know medieval events called Palio dei Terzieri – it recalls the Palio di Siena but it’s a bit different because instead of a horse race there is a competition among archers of different neibourghoods. A great masquerade with medieval costumes (there are some adorable medieval female dresses made with velvet fabrics!)

Old Streets Wedding Colin Firth Umbria

wedding umbria citta della pieve

citta della pieve colin firth livia Giuggioli

I think it’s a gorgeous place! Well done Colin! For the Oscar too, of course!

2 responses to “Colin Firth and his Italian Wedding in Umbria”

  1. Melissa says:

    Ciao Stefani! che bello vedere le foto di Città di Pieve…chissà forse Colin e Livia hanno percorso il vicolo Baciadonna insieme! Un bel pensiero! È stato molto bello scoprire che Firth parla bene l’italiano! Per me questo lo rende più affascinante! 😉 come sempre mi piace il tuo sito! Un abbraccio. Melissa

  2. stefania says:

    Ciao Melissa,
    Grazie di essere passata! Sai che non sapevo che parlasse l’italiano? E anche così bene?
    Città di Pieve è fantastica!

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