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If you are a bride, a photographer or a vendor and  you would like to tell us the story of an Italian wedding, just drop us an email and we will be happy to feature it. We are always looking for real weddings stories with a short description of the event, plus a few pictures!

If you need help in finding something for your wedding in Italy or if you simply want to tell us you like our posts, feel free to write us!


Enjoy your reading!
Stefania & Sylvie

4 responses to “Contact”

  1. Valentina says:

    Ciao Stefania!
    Ho trovato il tuo commentino sul mio blog.

    Certo che puoi pubblicare i miei save the date sul tuo blog, mi farebbe immensamente piacere! Puoi usare le foto che sono su oh so beautiful paper ( perche’ le mie sono un po’ scure ( Ho mandato a Nole di OSBP le foto ritoccate, sono un po’ migliori 😉 Altrimenti, se preferisci, te ne mando qualcuna via email.
    Il mio indirizzo email e’ valeasc[at]hotmail[dot]com


  2. Ellie Beckett says:

    Hi, I really love the Venetian mask favours that you show on your website, can you please advise how i can buy some?

    Thank you


  3. I am getting married next Friday in Ireland. I love your we site. I had seen a wedding on it with vintage tea length dress , short veil, and different coloured shoes, I think they were itilian but they had it in the Groucho club in London .(?) I want to show my dress maker the veil- as they have gives me a puff ball veil but it looks silly. I thi k the si had a single short veil. …but I don’t think that wedding is on your website now- even in older areas.
    I was wondering if you could possible send me the link or the photos?? I would be so grateful as they need to make a new veil but I wa t to make sure its right. They are making it on Monday /Tuesday this week.
    Warmest regards, Orla McAnallen.
    00353 860626648

  4. Hi, how to become a supplier in your website?

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