Gabrielle Chanel and the Venice experience…

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by Stefania Del Zotto

Good morning lovelies!

It was during one of my recent business trips to Paris, while wandering in the airport and looking for some nice Frenchy Christmas gifts, that I came across Coco Noir, the brand new fragrance by Chanel! Did you know of the strong relation between Coco Chanel and Venice?!

It’s amazing how Venice has been such a source of inspiration for Coco Chanel, who moved there in the early 20’s.
coco chanel in venice
venice landscape - black and white vintage

Gabrielle Chanel started to build a new life in Venice after the loss of her love Boy Capel. She had the opportunity to walk across the city, to discover ancient palazzi, nice and secret corti, a city full of mystery and elegance that colored every aspect of her life once she was back in Paris and inspired her in her next creations.

coco chanel
coco chanel at work

If you would like to follow Coco Chanel’s footsteps this is are some must see places the French artist loved.

Caffè Florian. After a stroll at the Lido beach, spend a couple of hours at one of the world’s most elegant caffee.

San Marco church. Coco Chanel took inspiraton from some of its decorations to design a new line of jewelery.

Danieli Hotel. Gabrielle used to stay at this luxury hotel as well as at the Grünwald and Hotel des Bains.

Harry’s Bar. In the evening stop at this elegant bar for a glass of wine. It was not rare to see Coco Chanel in this restaurant where other well-known artists enjoyed the authentic Venetian atmosphere such as Guglielmo Marconi, Arturo Toscanini, Georges Braque, Charlie Chaplin, Barbara Hutton and Orson Welles.

Venice Black and White Picture by Katie Lloid

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