Getting married in Rimini…

Posted on January 14th, 2013 by Stefania Del Zotto

My dear friends,

The die is cast!

I know it is almost unbelievable, but it is true! NEVER had I thought of getting married but last September, during a romantic weekend at the Park of Delta del Po – my boyfriend + myself + our motorbike – I said YES to my Samuele!

Obviously, we have already started organizing the event, thinking of WHAT, WHERE, WHO, HOW, WHEN.

I will tell you everything if you wish but I would start writing about WHEN I went to the Registrar Office at Rimini’s Town Hall to book the date. And, above all, to share with you the sweetness of the dinner we had that very day, at home, the two of us.

rimini ponte tiberio

{ Tiberius Bridge – Instagram by @fabio33 }

It was supposed to be a normal Thursday but after having spent my lunch time at the civil office and having finally fixed the official date of the wedding, I decided to cook a special supper, because it was a very special day, in fact! After work I rushed to the supermarket and I bought a couple of wonderful sea breams, some potatoes and cherry tomatoes. In our fridge there was already a bottle of Prosecco.

Once at home, I put the fish into the oven with potatoes and tomatoes and started to dress the table: table cloth, white polka dots red napkins, red glasses, flutes, candle light, a couple of red roses and a wooden heart by Legnomagia.


What a fantastic surprise when Samuele arrived home!

We ate a fantastic fish and drank a nice Prosecco, repeating to each other with our eyes shining and smiling with happiness and emotion: on May 25th 2013 we will celebrate our special day! With our families, with all our friends. Let’s save the date!

So please, SAVE THIS DATE, you too! 🙂

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