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Posted on June 10th, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi there!

Guess where I was yesterday?
I give you a clue: what’s the most romantic city in the world?
Come on…of course it’s Venice! I was there on my own, for viewing some venues for some clients – no husband, no daughter…it was quite unusual, I have to confess and I missed them a bit!

I also treated myself with a nice meal. I guess everyone that has been in Venice before will agree: to find a really good quality restaurant or osteria in Venice at a convenient price is a real challenge. But I managed to find one which I’d like to recommend. In the three century old Ostaria Al Milion, you’ll feel the true taste of the Venice gastronomy as well as the old Venice osteria atmoshpere! The perfect place to organise an informal brunch with friends and family the day following your wedding!


The Osteria is located a few steps away from Ponte di Rialto, in one courtyard that was once property of Marco Polo’s family! Thus the name, Al Milion, that is the title given to Marco Polo’s adventures book.

A perfect address to taste the traditional Venice cucina, made of sardines in Saor, baccala mantecato (salt cod puree) or seppie alla veneziana (sautee cuttle fish with their ink) which you could combine with Veneto or Friuli wines!
Lunch starts from 35euro.

If you’d like to see where I’ve been you can also visit our wedding venues in Venice with a few new locations ideal for the couples who are planning a wedding in Venice.

Picture courtesy of: Dominique Robert Photography

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