A classic hand-made leather wedding album

Posted on December 7th, 2010 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi girls,

I realize this morning that I never told you about the choice Gianluca and I made for our wedding album!

One thing was for sure: the wedding album and the photographer in general was an investment and we were happy to spend the right amount of money on them! Of course, our budget did not blow up because of the photographer and the album, but we wanted to have a true good looking album, hope you like it!

It took me quite a while before I came across Andrea’s hand-made leather photo albums. He is based in Pesaro, in the Marche region, and he has got neither a website nor a blog: he simply sells his albums through the Ebay shop.

All leather albums we had seen in shops were really expensive, and not really bespoke… We were looking for something to be created in the size, colour and shape we wanted… And we found it among Andrea’s wide range of products!

If you contact him with your personal requirements (including the number of pages your album must contains), he will certainly come back to you in a fast turnaround with a bespoke offer and will send you offline the full range of albums models he makes – not all are in Ebay unfortunately! We paid something like 120€ for our album, and prices would start 25€ up to 350€, so definitely Andrea has a solution for all budgets…

We loved the quality of the leather, the colour and the detail of the album finishing, and also the fact Andrea was really fast in making our album really! In the end, we spent more time choosing and printing out our pictures than receiving our bespoke album! Thanks Andrea!

And you, what type of wedding album did you go for? Traditional or modern?

2 responses to “A classic hand-made leather wedding album”

  1. MBJ says:

    The album looks absolutely stunning, I must say. I was trying to follow the link given, but it returns an error, which I guess is no surprise two years later. Do you happen to have the direct contact details to Andrea?

  2. Sylvie says:

    Mmm, yes indeed… I remember Andrea was only selling his album thru ebay…Let me investigate and reply you privately if I have any answer from him..

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