How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Posted on May 14th, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

I was in Italy two weeks ago, going around the Venetian hills with MrB and some lovely friends…amazing landscape, company and wine!
While I was taking these photos I thought of writing something about how to choose the right venue for your wedding in Italy. Actually, these are just a few tips we have given to our brides…

Italian Hills for a Wedding

Italian Hills for a Wedding
The first thing you need to know is that not all venues are authorised to held civil cerimonies.
So it’s better to check with the town hall of the city you’d like to get married in which are the available venues. In that way, you can have the civil cerimony and the reception in the same place.

However, to avoid this limitation in choice (the number of authorised locations is not that high), a lot of couples choose to have their civil cerimony in the town hall, a day or so before the wedding, and then have a symbolic cerimony celebrated in a venue they really like, so that it doesn’t matter if it’s not an authorised location.

I thought to make it clear, because it might be different from other countries and we found out many couples were surprised to hear that.
This is it for this week. I’m going to help MrB making home made tagliatelle…I hope I will have time to take some nice photos before eating them!
Have a wonderful week end

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