Little treats with ricotta cheese…

Posted on December 7th, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi girls,

Are you already in bed or still in front of your computer looking for some inspiration for Christmas.
I’m scratching my head trying to get to a final version of the Christmas menu, but we are still quite far from it. MrB and I have volunteered to cook the Christmas dinner which will be celebrated at my parents’ place this year…so beeing in charge of satisfy around fifteen mouths is not an easy task!
Home made pasta, roasted pheasan, rabbit and I could mention all the different animals and wild birds…but we haven’t found something we both agree on…so I thought to have a go with the dessert in the meanwhile. I think this will not be the one I will prepare for Christmas, but it’s certaily an easy and quick solution if you’d like to impress you sweet half after a long day at work.
These little sweets made of ricotta cheese and coconut and cocoa do not have a name, not that I know at least. My mum gave me the recipe over the phone one day and I had a go…

italian-chocolate-buiscuits-with-coconut copy
200 g of ricotta cheese
1/2 pack of reach tea finger buiscuits (Tesco)
cocoa powdel (as much as needed)
sugar (as much as you like)

Break the buscuits into small pieces and mix them with ricotta cheese and cocoa powdel (add some sugar if you like). Divide the mixture into small balls and make them roll over some coconut powdel. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.
Let me know if you try it.
Good night to all of you!

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