Masquerade wedding in Venice

Posted on June 7th, 2010 by Stefania Del Zotto

Today it’s Monday and we need something strong to start the week with energy!
So I thought to spoil you with a real fairytale wedding with three days of celebrations and…three different dresses for the bride!!! OMG!!!
She is American while he is Italian and they chose the romantic city of Venice as their wedding destination. They wanted something elegant so they asked for the help of the well-know Italian wedding planners Enzo Miccio and Angelo Garini.

Thursday evening: welcome cocktail party!
The event was held at well known Caffè Florian. For her a champagne coloured wedding dress by Giorgio Armani Privé.

Wedding dress in Venice

Friday: wedding and reception
New dress for the bride…WOW…and then a very simple marriage celebration at the Venice town hall. In the evening an elegant dinner at the Hotel Monaco & Grancanal.

White wedding dress with strass in Venice

white wedding shoes in Venice
Saturday evening: Masquerade dinner and ball
Apart from the new gorgeous dress of the newly bride, the entire location was arranged with a perfect attention to all details.

Silk avory wedding dress with strass in Venice
Wedding hairdresser in Venice
Masquerade dinner table in Venice
Wedding table decoration with feather and initials in the napkins
All the guests had to wear antique costumes for the regal ball, the tables were decorated using antique silver cuttlery and the “dj” played classic music from the 18th century. A real revival!
If all this was not enough to make the week end unforgettable for everyone, the couple wanted to give their guests a little symbolic present, a Venetian mask favour.

Venetian mask favours

If you are planning a wedding in this wonderful city, have a look at our weddings in Venice!
We can also provide Venetian wedding masks like the ones you see here with a minimum order of 20 pieces.

32 responses to “Masquerade wedding in Venice”

  1. janelle says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, I am floored by the decor and gorgeous gowns and all the details. Unbelievably gorgeous.

  2. Catherine says:

    I love these venetian mask souvenirs! I live in Ireland – does anybody know where I could get some exactly like these for my wedding day?

  3. love & confetti says:

    Hello Chaterine! Thanks for the comment! We’ve seen many shops in Venice selling these lovely masks. Let us see if we can find someone selling them abroad. We will let you know!

  4. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much!! I would be very grateful for that!! If u need I can send you my email. x

  5. Elka Kott says:

    I’m looking for this beautiful miniature masks for my daughters venetian masquerade ball…please let me know where I could get some…

  6. Stefania says:

    Hello Elka,

    I do not know the manufacturer of the ones you see in the picture, but you can try with this artisan:
    Grazie is really nice and makes tailored masks.
    Have a go and let us know! I hope it helps.

  7. leanne bond says:


    Does anyone know where i can get the miniature favor masks seen in the picture as these would be perfect for my wedding theme.


  8. Sylvie says:

    Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for visiting us!
    Have just sent you an email privately with a few information which may be useful for you!
    Let know

  9. Great post was very helpfull in maqurade party ideas.

  10. […] bouquet, signature drink, venetian masks, tablescape, St. Pucchi gown, centerpiece, cake, chandelier, ladies, Laduree storefront, shoes, […]

  11. Veronica says:

    Does anyone know where i can get the miniature favor masks seen in the picture as these would be perfect for my daughters sweet 15 venetian theme birthday party.

  12. love & confetti says:

    Hi Veronica, I’ve sent you the details of the company who makes them. They are based in Venice, not sure where you are based but it’s worth checking with them delivery times and costs.

  13. Veronica says:


  14. Veronica says:


  15. love & confetti says:

    just sent!

  16. tash says:

    gorgeous…very inspiring for my sons 18th masquerade ball we are having later in the year. Can you please forward me details also of who we can contact regarding the mask favors. Thanks

  17. love & confetti says:

    waw, these masks seem very popular!

  18. ANNA says:


    where i can get the miniature favor masks seen in the picture, I am living in pisa, is there a business near from here? or the contact?

  19. love & confetti says:

    We will post some nice photo shootings with other favour mask ideas in the next weeks, so keep tuned!

  20. jess says:

    I am currently looking for favors for my daughter’s 15th Birthday masquerade. Those miniture masks are gorgeous, and ever since I saw them no other compare. Could you provide me with the info to place order. Not sure if the ship to US.
    thank you.

  21. Ashley says:

    Can someone please send me the details of where I can by the mask favours- they are perfect for my sisters wedding in Venice

  22. Ashley says:

    Can someone please send me the information on how to purchase the Venetian Mask as a wedding favour shown in the photo above

  23. Carrie says:

    I am wondering if I could get information on where I can find the beautiful masks pictured above. I would like to incorporate them into my wedding this May.
    Thank you!

  24. Sulma says:

    Hello could you send me information on the favour masks. I am looking to use them for my daughters masquerade party.

  25. Sulma says:

    could you please tell me where to find the Venetian Mask Favours. I would like to use them for my daughters party in October. I live in the USA.

  26. Sharon & Ryan says:

    Hi, Love & Confetti, or someone else if they know,
    Could you please forward on the details of where we could get hold of these wonderful Venetian Mask Favours.

    Thank you very much

  27. Amelie says:


    I looked at the pictures of your wedding, they are gorgeous. May I ask you to forward the link to get the venetian masks?
    Thanks a lot


  28. annette ordonez says:

    Please send me information on these
    darling little masks, I live in the US and I am planning my daughter’s Quince

  29. Lesley McGee says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Have just spent the most amazing time in Venice.
    Am holding a Venetian themed dinner party and would love to purchase some of the beautiful Venetian Mask Favours as magnets for the guests. Could you kindly forward some contacts to purchase. I am in Australia.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Regards Lesley

  30. Amber says:

    I would love to have these as favors at my wedding. If anyone knows where i can purchase them please let me know!

  31. Alicia Whitehead says:

    I am inquiring about the little venetian mask for an event that I am having in November, I need to know where to get them?

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