Ombretta & Mauro – a 30s and 40s inspired wedding in the Lakes

Posted on March 1st, 2013 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hello lovelies!

It’s eventually Friday! I spent my week working, working, thinking about which haircut I’d like to have next week, working…what else?
Well, I also had time to write this little post which I’ve been waiting to share for a while…this is Ombretta and Mauro’s wedding…can you believe it’s a real one? Their look is amazing!

They got married in hotel Lido Palace in Baveno (Lago Maggiore) a few years ago now, but I thought these photos by Piero Gatti are simply amazing! What do you think?


Their wedding was entirely inspired by the ’30s and ’40s fashion and style. They arrived at the town hall using a green Dodge – a proper vintage car they bought and restored using original spare parts.


Ombretta’s wedding dress belonged to her grandmother and she only adapted it to fit her. I love all the details of it, expecially the original hair band, simply amazing!!! I have to say that I’m not a fan of callas, but that bouquet perfectly suits her outfit.

02a.Ombretta e Mauro
04.Ombretta e Mauro
05.Ombretta e Mauro
06.Ombretta e Mauro

Not only did the bride and groom wear vintage gowns, but also their guests were inspired by the same fashion style! Amazing!

08.Ombretta e Mauro
09.Ombretta e Mauro
10.Ombretta e Mauro

Ombretta says that “everything started in 1988 when I listen to “That’s all right mama” by Elvis Presley an old album belonged to my father. I completely forgot the Duran Duran and felt in love with the fabulous world of the ’50s. After a few years I got into the  ’40s style and fashion, the swing and the early jazz”.

A passion that as Ombretta and Mauro explain has soon become a style of living – so not only did the style of their wedding was influenced by it but also their everyday life (their house is a little “museum” of art deco furniture and decoration!

Photographer: Piero Gatti
Location: Hotel Lido Palace
Car: Ombretta & Mauro’s car (available to rent)

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