Sara & Simone: A wonderland garden in Tuscany

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi lovely friends!

This Thursday I would like to start the week with Sara and Simone’s wedding, an amazing real wedding in Tuscany!
I met Sara many years ago now, when we both used to work for the local newspaper of our town. Thanks to Facebook we managed to keep in touch despite the fact we both move far away from our hometown.

It was just through Facebook that I saw her wonderful wedding photos a few months ago!

Sara and Simone’s official photographer was Andrea Cittadini, but he came with his photographer friend Dennis Berti (lucky couple eh!), who took some pictures too. So most of the photos below were taken by Andrea, unless you see Dennis’ logo on them (or is specified below it). A bit confusing!

I simply loved the ones taken in this secret garden which reminds me of Alice’s in Wonderland! There were taken not far from the church where they got married, in the Siena area. What do you think?

garden for a wedding in tuscany
wedding in a wonderland garden  {Dennis Berti }

couple in garden in tuscany
bride and groom in garden in tuscany

But let’s go back to the beginning…


bride in tuscany


arrival of the bride
religious ceremony in tuscany
religious ceremony in tuscany
wedding rings

From the bride – I could not say which was the most memorable moment of our wedding – everything was amazing! From Simone’s arrival driving a motorbike, to the priest’s laugh while he was reading our friends prayers during the mess, as well as to our ride to the restaurant on a wonderful vintage convertible car.

outside the church
vintage car for wedding in tuscany
wedding in a wonderland garden in tuscany

The best time ever was probably during the reception, when our friends showed us a video which was basically a collection of pictures of us through the years, from when we were little up to the last couple of years. We both laughed and cried at the same time!

wedding venue in poggibonsi
venue in poggibonsi
catering in tuscany

I have to say it was a really special day – Simone and I met seven years ago in Liège (Belgium) during our Erasmus, and since then we travelled a lot and made friends who were spread in different part of Europe. So this was the day when we had everyone together in the same place from my town, from Simone’s town and from other parts of the world!

We danced, sang and had a lot of fun, I’ll do it again tomorrow!!

Photographer: Andrea Cittadini & Dennis Berti
Bride’s dress: Spose di Giò
Church: Basilica di San Lucchese a Poggibonsi
Venue: Tenuta Bichi Borghesi
Catering: Class Ricevimenti

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