The art of butter frosting! No milk please!

Posted on April 23rd, 2011 by Stefania Del Zotto

Happy Easter everyone!

While waiting for the British Royal Mail to deliver the new fancy cupcakes tins I ordered in Ebay almost one month ago 🙁 I keep on practicing the art of cupcake baking! A good idea for a wedding dessert?!

Well, not easy I have to say, looks more like a challenge really!

Chapeau to the cupcakes professionals whose blogs and websites I’ve been visiting on the last weeks! But fine, I’m doing my utmost, in my modest kitchen, with my modest equipment, and last but not least, with Maya keeping on being REALLY PATIENT while mummy is baking…


After a first couple of tries that have been complete failure ( in my view, there’s no need for milk in the butter frosting), here you are with what I’m going to propose my husband’s family tomorrow!

For more than 10 years, I’ve been simply cooking nothing for Gianluca’s family on occasions such as Christmas or Easter! But since I’m a wife and a mother – well, since less than 2 years 😉 things have changed!


Hopefully they enjoy my chocolate cupcakes! Happy Easter everyone!

2 responses to “The art of butter frosting! No milk please!”

  1. Oh yum! Those look amazing, I’m sure they enjoyed them.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. Sylvie says:

    Hi there!
    Sorry for not commenting back earlier! Have been away in Tuscany last week, and I’ve been struggling with all my mummy-daily-stuff since I’m back! Thanks a milion for your comment! Cupcakes were delicious indeed!

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