Venice Carnival 2013: a guide for a masquerade day…

Posted on January 21st, 2013 by Stefania Del Zotto

Morning everyone!

Today I am in a rather Carnival mood… my little Miss M. and I spent some time yesterday putting on some carnival costumes, so to get ready for the Venice carnival which is starting next Saturday!
I’m not sure how we will dress up but while checking online for the 2013 carnival programme I thought to give you some hints and tips…just in case you are planning to come to Venice.

The 2013 Venice Carnival will officially start on Saturday 26th January and will last until February, 12th. Everyone should go to Venice during the carnival at least once in their lives, because you never know who you could end up meeating on the day!

masquerade ball in venice

Danilo Maraschi }

Before starting I would recommend you stop at one of the many venitian mask shops and pick your mask! You could disguise yourself in many of the typical venetian mask…Colombina, Arlecchino, Pantalone or all sorts of other animals…just choose the one you like and then start your carnival discovery!
Here below a selection of masks I love! From masks with beads to feathered ones…and a little crown I litterally felt in love with…

mask for venice

{ Simon Emmet }

mask for venice carnival

{ Kiss the groom & The bad thing }

crown for venice carnival

{ Kiss the groom }

fether masks for carnival in venice

{ Pinterest & Pinterest }

If you are in Venice Saturday on the 26th January I would suggest you go to Sestiere di Canareggio where you can see a procession of carnival masks announcing the beginning of the Venetian carnival. After a walk around this nice and less popular area of Venice, you can have a nice meal at one of the cosy nearby osterias. We recommend the Anice Stellato.

The real carnival celebration will start the following week end, on the 2nd February. The heart of the celebrations will be in San Marco square with theatre and parades from the morning until late. At 8.30 pm the last event will be a live concert. On the Sunday the 3rd the clou event will be the angel flight – at 12 a misterious guest will jump down the San Marco square tower bell and meet the Doge. After that it’s probably time to have a little snack! I would suggest you discover the Castello area and stop at the Luna Sentada restaurant, a very intimate place!

Sunday 10th February will probably be the most crowded day – so if you don’t fancy big crowds it’s probably better you don’t go to Venice. A lot of events in San Marco square, but please try the smaller squares there other independent events are held during the day.

Tuesday 12th February is the martedi’ grasso (mardigra) where the last celebrations end with a night gondole parade from Rialto to San Marco square on the Grand canal 11.30 pm. For more information about the Venice carnival you can visite the municipality website here.

There are a lot of private events in Venice – one of the most exclusive is the masquerade dinner and ball at the Pisani Moretta Hotel which will take place on the 7th February. All the details on the menu, the masquerade etiquette and music of the night are available here.

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