Vintage tins for diy centrepiece ideas

Posted on March 18th, 2012 by Stefania Del Zotto

Hi girls,
The week end is almost over and I have to say that it was a creative one for me!
I’m trying to come up with some nice ideas for a wedding theme in the colours of turquoise and pink…not an easy one! So I decided to use a wonderful tea tin I found in a Christmas hamper last year, which is dedicated to the Queen’s Jubilee and has got a lot of turquoise…
So I went to a florist shop with my little tin and I asked her for some suggestions on which flowers I should use and here we go…some lovely pink and white carnations…I love it! It would be perfect as a centrepiece on small tables with some other turquoise and pink touches (in the napckins as well as in the glasses)…What do you think?


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