Wedding maps: key to have and nice to keep

Posted on May 19th, 2010 by Stefania Del Zotto

What if your brother-in-law loses the flight and your bridesmaid has to pick him up just a couple of minutes before the wedding, while driving to the town hall? It’s not fiction, but what happened at my Italian wedding! I can have a laugh now, but that day I was furious.
That’s why I thought to write something about creative wedding maps…no excuses to get lost or be late! 

The artist behind this gorgeous map is Laura Hooper, a calligraphy designer based in California, specialized in hand-made stationery. These maps give your guests directions to reach the reception or the town hall locations, but they can also become original and chic gifts to bring back home, definitely much better than a simple holiday postcard!

These maps are completely bespoke, so bride and groom can choose the calligraphy style and colours. They can be included with your invitation set or distributed to your guests a few days before the wedding.

Laura Hooper’s invitations are reproduced using methods such as engraving or letterpress and then printed onto eco-friendly cotton paper.

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